Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


20. Moments

Harry and I were in bed still waking up from what happened last night, the usual. Any spare time we get, we use to make love which isn't a bad idea when you have a child. Edward is almost one now, he's taking part in looking like his father, curly brown hair with gorgeous green eyes and ivory skin. Louis and Eleanor got to take the opportunity in watching him for one night. Harry and I are still getting over our first anniversary, we've been never better since then and want to keep it that way for the sake of Edward and 
Harry kisses me good morning, his tattoos showing, and his newly inked piece of skin still red from the marking of Edwards name on his back. He winces at the sheets brushing against it, I peel the sheets off to uncover his perfectly sculptured body, the tattoos, the hair, those green eyes. Lord, I have a God. 
Harry covers back up with a smile, "It's cold" he laughs. I put my elbow on the pillow and rest my head on my hand. "I know." I smile, we both jump at the opening of the front door, Louis and El must be dropping off baby Edward. "We're here you lovebirds!" Louis yells, little Edwards laugh rings through my ears. Eleanor opens the door and Louis walks Edward in holding him up by his arms, "Baby Power!" He yells. "Lou, it's nine o'clock keep it down." Harry pouts into the pillow. Edward begins to crawl around and hold himself up on the bed sheets. I pick him up giving him a nice big kiss on his rosy cheeks. He looks up at me with this mesmerizing eyes and touches my face with his slobber filled palm. I couldn't help but smile, there's defiantly a mother son connection between the two of us. He laughs at his uncle Louis making funny facing at him, Harry is trying to rest but he's not getting it. "Alright, well give uncle Lou a kiss!" Louis comes over to him and Edward kisses Louis on the cheek. Eleanor leaves him a nice peck in the mouth and leaves hand and hand with Louis. Edward makes his way over to his dad, "Dada" He says playing with Harry's hair, "Hi little man" he speaks into the pillow, Edward finds a way onto his back and sits there looking at me, I pull my robe over me to take him to get his food. He cries because he's leaving daddy but Harry'll be up shortly and he'll be more than happy to play. He screeches into my ear as I walk into the kitchen. "Baby, I'm here" I rock him, he calms down because all he is he's tired. He takes his thumb and sucks on it as I get his food. "Might as well be up" Harry groans, I turn around to see him. "Babe, go back to sleep you need it" I sigh, "It's okay babe, here I'll feed him you go take care of yourself." Harry kisses me off and feeds Edward. I can't help but have a maternal instinct when it comes to this stuff, I slip in the shower. I need one, brushing my fingers through my hair and trying not to let the shampoo go into my eyes. I get out after that and make myself presentable again, Harry I see he put on his clothes for the day and the same smell of Armani cologne shot up my nose again making me swoon, as soon as I opened the door after drying my hair and doing my make up. I threw on some clothes and them proceeds to my two favorite men in the entire world. They were playing in the floor with cars, I join them. Edward looks at me with eyes so big, Harry smiles at me, "What?" I ask, "Oh nothing, just a beautiful wife that's all" he winks. "Oh good lord Harold." I nudge him, he falls and takes Edward up in his arms making airplane noises and soaring him. Edward laughs while dropping his pacifier onto Harry's chest and reaching to go back to the ground. Harry sits him down and accompanies me, "How do you feel?" He brushes my cheek, "I'm okay" I smile, I watch Edward crawl over to Harry's off white fedora and pop the top. He laughs and tries to figure out what it is. Harry pops to top back to its original form and puts it on Edward. It covers his face, he giggles. Harry then takes it and puts it on me, "Should I call you..." "No" I say, I put it on Harry. It looks perfect on him anyway. I'm surprised he hasn't put a beanie on yet, it's been a while since he's wore one. But even Edward wears beanies, Harry kisses me sweetly knowing that it's perfect. 
"Hungry?" He asks. "I guess." I shrug, he puts his hand in my hair and twirls it around his finger tips from the curls. "Babe, I'll make it" he says stopping me from getting up, I sit back down but crawl into the chair, I take Edward with me and hold him, before I know it he's watching his children's show drifting off. Harry was kind enough to bring him a bottle full if apple juice, "Dada"  is all he can say, but he isn't paying attention to anything else but him. He doesn't realize he even has apple juice running down his white onesie. Edward is almost a year old, two months from now he will be. He is growing fast, especially if he can already say Dada and crawl. I pick the bottle up, he watches me. Harry returns to get the food for him and I well, cook it. I give Edward his bottle as he drifts away into sleep. Harry calls for me to get the food, I stray him a moment so I can put Edward down in his crib. I hurry back to Harry, he made us food which is perfect because I'm still learning to cook, before I sit down I look into those eyes, those beautiful eyes. 
Without him, my heart is beating, I still have a pulse, my ears hear but I would die without him. I sit down and eat, he nicks my nose gently and kisses me after we finish our meal. "Edward's sleeping" he says groping my thigh gently. "I know," I kiss him, "lets take this" he pauses picking me up bridal style. "Somewhere more private." He smiles, "What if he wakes up?" I ask in concern. "Babe, he sleeps through the Bobby's sirens at twelve in the morning. I think he can sleep through this." Harry takes me to our room, he puts me down and kisses me tenderly, he wasn't even aggressive. Never was, never will his look makes him look like this tough bad boy but really he's just a marshmallow. I kiss him back as if it was our last kiss, he likes that. Not in a sexual sense but in a sense that he knows I'm here. He knows I want it, I've gotten it, more I'm portably I know what he wants. He lays back, I go up to Harry, he smiles and kisses me hard, hard enough to arouse me to a point. His hand catches my thigh and pulls it up placing himself over me, I pulls his neck down and kiss his Armani scented neck until there was no more scent left, he groans in my ear as if I didn't hear him. He bites my neck giving me a love bite, I scratch him shirt wanting to rip it off. Harry isn't letting me just yet, this is only foreplay. We may have a child and we may be married but damn we act like children when it's in bed. I fall in love with him everyday like it was the first day, he is my sun he makes me shine. I would die without him. We lay in bed it feels like it's never going to end. 


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