Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


18. Little Things

November is back for another round, Edward is now three and a half months. He's still very little, smaller than Harry and I ever expected him to be.  His eyes are now bright green just like Harry, his hair is curly and brown. He looks as if Harry were to shrink to a baby and they'd be identical. I don't work, but I am still thinking of going to school or just being as Harry wishes; a house wife. The cooking, the cleaning, the everything. Which I don't mind because I've been doing it for a year now. Looking back on last November it wasn't so good for Harry and I, we both were in deep with everything. I had gotten pneumonia but I recovered quickly. I stood watching the first snow in London as little Edward played in his room with action figures Liam had bought him, but for being three months all he does to them is hold them and then looks around because he has nothing to do. I go Harry after I put Edward back in his play pin, he's sick in bed coughing and getting sick. I sit by him on the bed, "Harry," I say, he opens his droopy eyelids and rubs them awake. "Yes?" He asks sweetly, "how do you feel babe?" I lean to him, "Not so well" he shakes his head slightly. I lay down beside him taking him in my arms, he rests his warm head on my shoulder, I kiss his head, his skin almost too hot, it burns my lips as my cool lips touch his forehead lightly. He groans in pain, I hold him until he feels the need to go back to sleep. 
Edward was in the crib, he fell asleep grasping his tiny hand around his toy stuffed bear. I pull the blankets over him and leave the room. I sit on the couch and curl up in a blanket to keep myself warm. I watch some television before dozing off. 
  Later that night I woke up to the sound of baby Styles crying. I get up faster than Harry, disrupting his sleep is a time bomb, thankfully he was still sleeping when I checked him, I went to Styles and calmed him down, he was hungry so I took him to be fed, I slid the pacifier around my pinky finger so I wouldn't lose it, his head rested into my chest as I have him his bottle, I then put him in his cradle beside the couch. Harry has no intension on eating so I guess it's just me, and I won't take baby formula as an answer. So I made pasta and then that was it, I'm not much of an water because way back before I moved to London I was slightly overweight. So I worked my body to get so thin and little but with curves. I've gain some of my body back because when I was carrying the baby I wasn't anything. 
I slightly heard Harry shuffle out of bed and walk on the hard wood flooring, he shook his hair and stumbled to me, he gives me a kiss baring himself and then gives baby Edward a kiss. Though he's sick he was being more careful then I ever was. Harry cuddles up next to me, his nose in my collarbones, he inhales and then slowly exhales. He is always like this now, just wanting to be with his wife, me. I take him in and hug him letting him know I'm here. "I love you" I say in his ear. "I love you more than anything." He cough, he's miserable at this point. "Lets call the doctor shall we?" I ask playing with his hair, he takes my free hand and puts in delicately on his forehead, "I don't need a doctor babe, I have you." He sniffles a bit, I sink down into the cushions a little more to let him lay on my, he curls up on me and holds me tight. "Babe, I'm hungry." He says, "is that the reason why you're out here?" I ask with a chuckle. "No" he says. "Harry." I sigh Harry looks up at me with gorgeous emerald eyes, "that's the reason isn't it?" I laugh, he laughs too digging his nose into my side. "I'll make you something, any suggestions?" "Pasta" he smiles, "You want what I made?" "Yes" 
"Then I have to get up" I add, he holds onto me tight. "No, please." he wines. "Harry? How an I supposed to make your food then?" "You won't, I'll make it." "No babe, no. I will." I kiss his head. "I don't want you to get up" he groans. "Babe, I'll make it an I'll be right back to you." I get up breaking away from him, he pulls my waist back and kisses me. I hold his baby blue shirt and clench it into my fists, I break away from the kiss leaving him with an electric shock on his lips. Well, that's what he looks like, he looks shockingly buzzed from love. I made him the food, checking on little Styles every once and a while. I give Harry his food and he downed it, I guess from two days without eating much it's hard. 
Harry took my cheek, gazes into my eyes for a little while before speaking "So beautiful" he says huskily in his tired voice. "No, your even more beautiful" I hold his cheeks lightly brushing my lips over his stubble on his unshaved face, "Feeling better?" 
I ask, he nods and kisses more hoping he's get what he's been wanting. "Just, let me out him to bed." I pull back, he didn't want me to but I had too. I stand up fixing my shirt, "I'll get him, you go to the room alright?" He says, I nod and make my way to the room. Me being a clean freak now that we have a son, I pick up and fix everything, before I know it I was making the bed just for Harry to screw it up again. "Now," he say, I turn around being held in his safe, secure arms. "What?" I ask wrapping my arms around his body. Harry being Harry, he tries to go slow and lift my shirt, but it's not flying this time. I kiss him with integrity, he kisses back knowing I don't like waiting. What is wrong with that? Harry and I lay down, he just takes it from there, mostly every part of him was so charismatic, I just fall in love with him every time I lay eyes on him. He is mesmerizing me, but what can I do? Nothing. When we make love it's more than just what people call sex. Obviously there's something more there, way more than just a three letter word teenagers do on the weekend. He is my husband, and we can do what we choose. This night was perfect. 

I wake up to Harry coughing, he's still sick and I know it's coming for me, but I don't care I can take care if it. I'm just worried how baby Styles is holding up. He's not up yet, he usually wakes around nine so Harry and I have about an hour and a half to kill. I pull the sheets up to cover myself, he sniffs and coughs. "Babe, just lay down, please." I pull him towards me. He rests on my chest, I kiss his warm head again, the burning made my lips flicker with a shock. "But I have to put clothes on" he says in a cough. "Don't worry, here take these." I hand him his boxers. I nods and puts them on. I glance at his tattoos, and that oh so beautiful symbol of a butterfly on his stomach. I love it, I love it. He lays back down and back to me. "You stay here and I'll get you tea. Okay?" I stand pulling a shirt and shorts over my body. I check on sleeping Edward, quiet and sweet as ever. I close the creaking door lightly to block out Harry's hack attack. I make him his God given tea, give it to him, a good morning kiss and then return to get Edwards bottle. I pick him up, he whimpers as I disrupted his two minutes of sleep, I sit the pacifier on the windowsill and wrap him in a blanket, I begin to feed him his bottle as I go to Harry. I sit down at the foot of the bed and feed the baby. "Say good morning to daddy," I say to Edward staring straight up at Harry, he begins to cry, wanting his father. Only for a bit because lord knows if Harry got baby styles sick, he's go mad. "Come to dad" he says cradling Edward in his arms. I hand Harry the rest of the bottle so that he is fed, "Why won't you ever get out of the house?" He asks curiously. "I don't know, but I went to the market the day before yesterday." I shrug answering him best to my ability. "Well, in that case. Thank you for taking care of us babe, we love you" he takes Edwards hand and waves it lightly, his tiny hand clenches his pinky finger not even making it all the way around. Harry loves him, the beautiful baby in his arms is is son, our son. "You know I remember the day we first met like it was yesterday, at the cafe on ninth. You were crumbling up songs and grunting trying to make one." Harry chuckles. "I know, three and a half years ago. Look at us now." I kiss him softly. 
{This will be the last update for a while due to the fact that I'm writing a Harry Point of View and he has a prequel and then goes into modern story. Harry's POV is the second book } 

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