Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


9. Home

The sound of my heart monitor woke me, Harry is asleep in the chair beside me, his head rests on the empty bed left over from me on my side. Though the doctor said to lay on my back, I disobeyed. Turns out I have pneumonia, a slight case. Harry was lucky he caught it quick enough. But I'm slightly better. 
I look at Harry again as he slowly awoke on his own, he's probably starving. His awakening is slow and peaceful, moving his head under his tattooed arm. 
I haven't expected someone waking up to wake up this beautiful. It has been two days since I was admitted into the the hospital, my nurse comes in every hour to check on me. It's nine so that means its time to be checked on and fed breakfast. I hate eating, the tasteless food and the terrible water. She walks into the room with the tray in her hands, I don't even think this is considered as breakfast, or food.
Harry is now sitting up to stretch, after that he gives me a kiss. His lips press against mine, the most warmth I've had all week. 
I push the food away, signaling that I am not hungry. The nurse sighs and takes my blood sample again, this is becoming a regular occurrence. 
I keep my eyes locked on Harry's as his eyes flutter to stay open, he's tired and uncomfortable. 
The doctor comes in slightly after the nurse leaves, he sees that I haven't eaten my meal's. "Good news today Emily, you are being discharged." He gave a smile, I guess having pneumonia meant bed rest too. I cough and clench my hand in frustration due to the fact that my chest feels like its being crushed every time I inhale. 
Harry took the forms from the doctor to appropriately liberate me, he had a large grin on his face showing his dazzling, perfect, teeth. "Babe, were going home." He smiled signing his name as the one responsible for my health care. I smile knowing I can get out if this hospital gown and into my own clothes. I'm tired of people stating at my bum when I walk to use the restroom or walk with Harry to gain strength. 
Harry went over to the bag he packed me when he went home the first day while I was being tested. He grabs some clothes and place them in my lap. "Need help?" He asks, his charm is back. No need for him to help but if he volunteers, why not. Plus my arms are aching. Harry being the kid and gentle person he is, pulled the string on my hospital gown and quickly but gently pulled a shirt over me,  Then put me in some pants.I don't think I've ever been this happy about wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. 
Harry helps me walk out to the car, I demanded no wheelchair. It's make me more weak than I am, not for physical looks. 
I got into the car myself, Proud that I could. Harry takes my hand as he drives. The way he is almost squeezing it, my hand starts to hurt from the shots and multiple IV's being jabbed into my arm. It wasn't anything harmful, it was a squeeze to let me know he's here. Yeah, like I'll be in bed rest, Harry and I both know what I'll do. I will be up and about within a few hours and I know it. 
The way Harry is driving caught my attention to the sidewalks. People walking, businessmen taking. Oh, and this place is infested with models. Funny how Harry didn't pick any of them, they're all drop dead gorgeous. I'm over here looking like I've been killed and has rose from the dead. 
"You're not going to be on bed rest are you?" He smirks giving me a shot of green eyes. "My guess is that you will." I play back just to make sure he's the same Harry, fifty percent cheeky, fifty percent perverted. Sometimes. Other than that he is just perfect. 
I look over to Harry grinning like a child, he drives into the driveway and helps me out. I walk into his room, I stumble over the bed and take my place in it. The hospital bed was so uncomfortable, it's nice to be in something I'm used to. 

  It's weeks have flown by faster than I can say November. My birthday is tomorrow and I don't want anything. 
All I would like is Harry. I'm fully recovered now from pneumonia, I quit my job at Hollister and will attend Uni this next fall. I pretty much have free time, well helping Harry and things. Harry and I are in the process of  moving in with each other. I will be making the move to his house, he says he's going to make things change. In a good way of course. 
I slept in all day, making sure I was well rested for any reasons what so ever. Harry was up, he is arranging things so that I'm ready to move in. My house is nearly already cleaned out, I just go back for my last bit of belongings later. 
It's awfully funny how Harry has made home improvement attempts to make sure that this seems like home. 
He has really made it feel like its where we both belong. Everything is almost new, to the bed, the paint on the walls and appliances. With electronics it's hard to keep up to date.  Harry takes my hands as I fumble out of the warm sheets, all I am wearing is his sweater. He holds me and kisses my head, I bury my face into his chest which smells like his cologne. Again, I'm doing much better and Harry and I haven't been having sex lately. Which is a very rare thing, to me it's normal. I sleep with the guy I love, what is wrong with that. Now I won't be the one to go out and say "Hey kids, have premarital sex!" No, Im just saying that if you love someone then I think it's okay. 
I'm nineteen tomorrow and this actually huge for Harry, were three years apart. Him older of course. 
"Do you want to grab something to eat?" He asks in my ear. Clearly, Harry has been MIA lately with his band mates. So of course I'll go with him. "Yeah." I smile and go to the closet we now share. I pull out a pair of jeans and TOMS shoes. Apparently they're Harry's favorite shoes on me and I see why. 
Harry's curly hair blew in the wind as we walked outside, his green eyes sparkled like diamonds. He smiles at me, so real and so unimaginative, he's in love. And he's in love with me. 

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