Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


17. Hello

I wake up in my room, my house and my clothes. No annoying bump to acknowledge, I rub my chest on the tingling burn marks. I was confused but I didn't care. I get up to the mirror, no deep eye sockets and no purple lips that were chapped to the state of bleeding. I show a smile, a real smile that I haven't had in a long time. I look for Harry, he isn't in the bed to welcome me awake, but I do hear a noise in the other room. I walk towards the noise checking the bathroom and the guest room, nothing in there. There's one room we actually use left, the baby's room. I rush in, I see Harry in the chestnut rocking chair rocking our baby asleep. 
"Good mornings babe" he looks tired as he looks up at me. "Hi" I slowly embrace him, I look at the baby boy with dark brown hair looking up at Harry. His big blue born eyes, delicate face with blushes of red and pink fill his cheeks. He's quite small. "May I hold him?" I ask. "Of course" Harry stands up, I sit down and take him. He makes a little grunt of breathing, his shallow breathes I can feel as I hold him in the blue blanket. "Hi baby" I say to him, his little hand stretches as he yawns, I let his wrap his small fingers around my hand and take it to him holding it. The green pacifier fell out of his mouth as he yawned so Harry picks it up and puts it back in. "How long was I out? When did I get back here? What happened?" I ask rambling off. "Emily you almost died, you were in the hospital until they brought you back to full attention. You came home and immediately went to sleep, you've been asleep for about two and a half days." Harry says almost baring to keep himself from crying. "Did Louis pick a nickname?" "Hah....Styles" he says. "Harry, go lay down you look like you haven't slept in days." I say. "Okay, only for a little while." He goes and gets to bed. I rock "Hi Styles" I say as he opens his eyes from blinking. His face lights up as the sun beams across the room. I cover his eyes and brush through his full, thick brown hair and kiss his head. I can't believe this beautiful baby boy came out of my stomach, I carefully stood up and carried him along with me to the bright kitchen, I open the fridge for little Styles to eat. I like that name, little styles, that's perfect. Though his name is Edward, I'll prefer to call him Styles. I open the fridge and see that Harry had labeled the days and hours he's supposed to be fed. I pick up the one with Tuesday 8:00, I feed him the bottle. He falls asleep in the process of finishing it. I don't want to leave him, not out him down he's so perfect. He's got Harry's lips and his facial features. He's probably going to have curly hair. I went to put him in his crib, taking this all in. I'm a mother now, I am in the family. 
I walk to Harry in our room, I lay beside him. He awakes and wraps his arms around me. "Did I wake you?" I ask. "No, you came in and I had to see you, you look beautiful. The most beautiful wife and mother in the world" he kisses me, I kiss back letting him scrounge tastefully. "Come here baby" he grabs my waist, Harry's perverted side comes out, I kiss him again a little harder this time to hold into him. "Harry, we–" "just kiss me, we'll have Lou babysit tonight" he speaks into my lips, I kiss him back. We kiss back and forth for hours enjoying each others company. I ha almost died, he wouldn't be able to do this alone no matter how strong he is. He's just not as strong when it's without some people. I don't know what is be without him. How we went from friends with benefits, to lovers, to husband and wife and to a family. This is my life now, and I wouldn't change it back. Harry's phone rang making both of us immediately jump, "Y-yeah?" He asks, "Hey Harry! We're coming over. Be there in a few." Louis rang through our ears and Harry ended the call. "Louis' coming." He got up and pulled his shirt over his tattooed body. I wanted him to keep the shirt off because he's absolutely stunning. I went to go get Edward, he was in his crib with wide eyes looking at me. I took him up in my arms with his blanket, I returned his pacifier into his mouth. "Hi little guy" I sooth him before he cries. I walk out of his painted pastel blue room. "Is he awake?" Harry asks attending at my side. "Of course he is" I say as Harry takes Edward and holds him gently, I go and get the door as Louis and Eleanor arrive. Louis comes in hand and hand with Eleanor, she looks at the baby and smiles. "He's so beautiful." She walks to us, "See uncle Lou!" Harry carefully put baby Edward in his arms. "Look at how cute he is!" Louis says brightly with a grin. "Yeah, he's gorgeous" Eleanor adds brushing his hair back slightly. "So, were going out for dinner tonight, care to join?" He asks. "No, we have our own plans"
Harry says taking my waist slightly. "Oh, I see." He nudges Harry lightly smirking. Harry can't help but turn bright red at the fact he's getting some ass. 
Louis gives Edward to me, Edward begins to cry and whimper leaving Louis' warm arms. I bob him slightly and he stops, Styles looks at his father with those blue born eyes again, Harry sighs and smiles at him taking him into his arms. Louis and Eleanor leave after a few hours of catching up. 

It's about ten o'clock, Edward is asleep in his bed after an hour if fussing and crying because he couldn't sleep, Harry sang him to sleep singing his favorite song by Queen. Harry made his way to me, finding me in the dark room. I gulped my throat, it hurt as I tried to contain myself. I can't, he's getting his way tonight and I have to enjoy this. He finds his way up my shirt and discards that from the mix. It's funny how he's trying to be fast at this but in reality he's going slow trying to figure out how to do this. Because I'm not letting him off this easy this time, my hands rests on his arms as he gave me a kiss. How can someone so bold, so bright, can be brought down to earth by people he loves. He's down to earth with me, he's passionate, sweet and innocent. The night goes on as we make love, and it feels like the first time again. 

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