Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


21. Forever

Edward has grown so much in three he's three now. Today is my birthday, Harry and I are trying to have another child but right now it's the same, just making love. I get up and get Edward his breakfast, Harry brings him out of his room as he hugs me, "Happy Birthday mummy?" He smiles. I kiss my beautiful Edward on his cheek, he hugs me tightly. "Happy birthday babe" Harry says while kissing me. "Thank you my boys." I look at my two most favorite people in the world. I hand Edward his fruit, he goes and watches his television while eating it. "Hungry?" I ask Harry. "Extremely" he smirks. I nudge him and sits down to eat his breakfast I made him. I skip breakfast and go to the laundry because that's my life now. I don't mind it, it's just annoying. I hand Harry's coat up along with Edward's, I have a few of my clothes in the mix. I remember when Edward saw on television where he put a red sock in whites so he did it. Harry and I weren't mad at him, we'd expected it to happen anyway. 
There's something about Edward that I've never seen in a child. He's smart, charismatic, beautiful and perfect. He's learning how to speak German, which is amazing, Harry tries to teach him French but he's not picking up what Harry is putting down. He likes when I speak in German, the lullaby's especially. I get done with the laundry and walk into the living room, there sits my fully grown Husband and my baby sitting watching Barney together. Could this get any more cuter? "Come watch babe" Harry motions for me to come over. I sigh with a smile and walk over with my basket of clothes and sit with them. "You are a grown man" I say. He pulls me close, I hold him and put my arms around his shoulders. "Lets go out for a birthday lunch Hm?" He asks taking my hips. "Okay." I smile looking at Edward playing with his cars. "Where" he asks. "Can we go to the café where we met? Booth 6" I shrug. He smiles and looks at me almost crying. "You know I love that place." He laughs. "I know, me too." I explain taking Edward in my arms. He kisses my cheek. "Can we go now?" He asks in his British accent adopted from his father. "Yes, Ich Liebe dich" I say to him. "Ich....Liebe dich" he tries to pronounce it right. He smiles proud of himself. "Okay, go get your coat" I let him down, he runs to get his coat while Harry helps me up. I look up at him towering me like a building. "I'll get your coat." He smiles and walks over to the coat rack. Bringing me my navy blue Burberry coat. He has a black one, I put mine on and so does he. "Ready love?" He asks taking Edward in his arms. I turn around. "Yes" I take his hand and we walk out to the car. Harry puts our boy in his car seat, he sings along to the so ha on the radio, Harry drives to the café. "Mummy I'm hungry" Edward whines. "We're almost there baby" I say, he sighs and looks out the window. We finally get to the café. Harry helps me out of the car, I take Edward out and hold his hand as we walk in. We find the booth and sit, we  eat and talk. Edward draws on his paper he was given with a crayon. "Want to take a walk in the park?" "Is that a bad pun?" I ask narrowing my eyebrows. "No love, literally." He smiles. "Yeah, Come on little Styles" I help him off of the chair, he grabs my hand gently. Harry lets me take his arm and we walk to the park and go, London is too pretty to pass up. I walk listening to Harry and Edward speak about the Beatles, he speaks about John Lennon and how he made music after the Beatles and it was very successful, unfortunately Edward was sad to hear that his favorite Beatle died in 1980. Edward loves the Beatles, he could listen to them all day, he also in convinced Harry is Mick Jagger. I agree. 
  Harry nudges me a little as he pulls me along, I smile and go to him. "How much do you love me mummy?" Edward asks "To Mercury and back" I glance at Harry for my refrain of Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury.  Harry grins, "To mercury and back" he tries to say like me, I kiss his cheek and smile. "Come along" Harry says taking Edwards hand. "Where are we going?" He asks waddling along just like Harry would in a hurry. I catch up tugging my coat to pull around me for warmth, I shiver in my skin and shake. "Harry it's freezing." My teeth chatter. "Come here babe" he warms me up quite well. "Thank you" I smile looking at my beautiful husband I've loved for years. He kisses my head and walks on with Edward. "Daddy, Mummy? Who is that?" Edward asks pointing to a homeless man sitting on a chair. The homeless man gets up, I couldn't believe my eyes, the blue pastel chair in the corner was in the homeless man's possession. My life with Harry flashes through my eyes,
Every moment and everything flashes by. I gasps slightly and think of that chair and how I started from nothing to being with the person I love. Harry takes my face and looks at me subtly, I hug him and think of him and Edward. In the end, I have to thank a chair for this amazing adventure. 

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