Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


16. Finally

Harry and I took it all in that we were officially married, a family. He stares at me like the beauty he is. I slug in the chair and look at him. He smirks and takes my hand, he pulls me in. I keep my eyes on him, he's trying to get me to give in to his plan. I'm not going to fight him here, I'm 75% sure he'll get his way tonight. 
Harry kisses me gently knowing that I'm just trying to survive this. I laugh a bit in reply to his kiss. Soon enough he was taking me to the room, funny how he's predictable at this point. Usually he's unpredictable but after this he's not. 

"Emily, Wake up, Emily." Harry's voice rang through my ears. He's hovering over me smiling as I wake up. I giggle and kiss him good morning. "Well, you survived" he smiles holding me. "I'm surprised." 
I got up and checked my bump, still the same. My hair still in curls from our wedding. It's weird looking at my hand and seeing a gold ring on my left finger instead of a large engagement ring. That's on my right middle finger because it was big. He cuffed my chin and gave me a kiss as he stood up. "Hungry?" I ask. "Yes, but I'm cooking." He smiles and races out of the room. "Oh, just because I burnt the food that one time doesn't make it–" he kisses me again smiling in between. "Why can't I cook for my beautiful wife? Maybe the baby will like it." He rubbed my bump and then cooked. I sat at the table on my laptop, I was reading about pregnancies for the first time mothers. I scrolled through, I read about ripping and c-sections and no medication birthing. I get scared and slam the laptop closed and sigh. Harry looks back at me to check, "You alright?" He asks giving me my plate. "Fine, I was looking at tele affects and ways to birth a child and it's frightening." I shiver. "It'll be fine, I'll be there." He takes my hand and looks at me. I nod and down my food, it's unlikely to Harry that I are the food so quick but it was like God made it. It's was amazing. Personally I know how to eat, I mean it's a given so I won't disappoint. "I say we go look for baby supplies for when it comes, we have to start fixing up the room someday." Harry says, "Good idea, but how do we set up if we don't know the gender?" "Easy, you paint the room yellow." He chuckled. I laughed and smile. "I'll go get ready" I hopped up out of my seat and to my closet. I scramble through the clothing and find what I want to wear. I do all of the things I need to do and accompany Harry after I  finish. My hair falls down past my chest and rests there curly and chestnut brown. Harry takes his shirt and pulls it over him coming his beautiful tattoos. He takes my hand and we walk. 
We decided to walk, our house isn't far from downtown. I was just happy I was with him, my husband, my everything. I keep repeating the word family because that's what we are. "Remember next week we find out who's in there" Harry made a voice and smiles with his hand on my warm bump. I sigh and look around, someone this stuff scares me so I am not getting that for our child. The huge, overly huge teddy bears and ducks made it a little frightening. 
Harry and I decided it'd be best to just let Danielle take charge in this one, she's got the maternal instincts and she's not even a mother. 

 A week has passed by, today we finally find out if its Darcy or Edward. This beautiful spring day is making Harry and I a little too anxious. Harry and I got ready almost running around the house like stray animals. Driving to the clinic was hard, London's traffic decided to be terribly busy. I'm tired of waiting in ongoing traffic but it's alright for now until one day I'll honk the horn a little too much. Harry I did the same routine, walk in the hospital, wait in the office room. Wait for the doctor, have the nurse to tell me what my flaws are...again. 
Harry and I are now in the ultrasound room, the doctor comes in through the door. Shakes our hands and them begins the process. Harry grasps my hand, everything begins to go slow, my heart pounds and my eyes droop down in a unordered way. I hear the heartbeat of the baby, my face flushes with warmth. I look up to the monitor and there it was. "Mr. and Mrs. Styles say hello to your baby boy." Pink flushes over Harry's face as the fact he'll have a son to raise, tears falling from his eyes as the moment becomes more real. "Do you guys have a name picked out?" "Edward" Harry abruptly said almost falling out of the chair. I chuckle and look at him. "Edward William." I gave in to naming him after Louis. Harry's smile turned into a beautiful grin. "Alright, I'll see you whenever. You're set" the doctor smiles and leaves Harry and I in awe. Our Edward, our baby. I pulled Harry's phone out to call my family, they answered "Mom, it's a boy. It's Edward." I smile, she screams through the phone, I hold it away from my ear as she has an enthusiastic attack. She will take care of telling my family and other relatives about our baby boy. 
Harry took the time to call the boys and his mum, he cries in the process of telling his family and friends. We leave the hospital and smile holding hands with his hand on my stomach rubbing the bump. We made it home and Harry just could've died of happiness right them and there. He stumbled sweetly onto the bed before burying his face into the pillows. His soft curly hair was to a perfect curl and his face so structured if I hair him I would cut my hand. His hand reached out for me, I took it and he pulled me to him. The smell of cinnamon and Armani cologne lingered in my nose. The smell of Harry, the smell I've been waiting to smell for a while. I am home. 

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