Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


11. December

"Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun." 
-William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 

Unfortunately, my engagement was a dream, he sang me the lullaby but I fell asleep after that. Disappointing, because it felt real. I tried not to cry, but I did anyway.  I got myself out of bed and ate a bit. But I returned to  Harry  still asleep from singing himself to sleep. Funny actually. 
  Later today, I sometimes get myself in a trance trying to regain my consciousness because Harry leaves me incredible thoughts. "Emily?" Harry asks, I snap my head to him letting my hair flow down my back. He comes closer to me and kisses my lips, his hands scavenging my back. "Why are you–" I ask but he kept kissing. Honestly he's sexy when he didn't answer and just kissed me. 
I kiss back in return of the favor and run my fingers through his curly hair messing up his bangs. It's not like I knew what I was doing. He pulls me to him touching bodies. I can feel goosebumps shivering down his back as he kisses harder. I pull back to stop him, he's beautiful with those tattoos and green eyes. I wish that we were actually engaged but my dreams leave vivid imaginations behind. He moves so elegantly our of the room and into the hall. I lay in the bed waiting for him to reattach to me again, latch on to my torso. I am not tired, I just have a lazy deposition to myself when it's freezing and there are warm sheets. "Harry?" I ask, a few moments later he returns. He has a smile on his face, more like the famous smirk he's known for. He sprawls out onto the bed and pulls me in. He's freezing cold, but I'm no help. 
"Babe, lets stay here all day." He says burying himself into my neck, "Why? Don't you want to do things?" I ask suddenly. "Like what?" He asks like a child. "You should know." I curled in his arms and played with his necklace. Clanking them together, hearing the sound of smooth metal ring as they softly brush our skin as the chain holds the pendant. "I take that as a good thing." He kisses me. 
"What kind of good?" I ask again with a smirk on my face letting him know what I'm putting down. 
"You should know." He smiles cuffing my chin. "God, just–" I mumble, and I'm cut off.  He hears me, brining it back to a few months ago when this was meaningless sex to him. He uses the same Goddamn shit he's always done before. But this time he shows he loves me, at least that's what I know of him. He puts his hands on my stomach, he kisses me gently getting the sweet places. I'm not the one to usually physically hurt. But lets just say there's some cold hard evidence of sex on his back. I scratch a little too hard and were not even there yet. 
We made it through the day, on and off like a light switch but good. Harry and I are eating dinner in the dinning room. The television is turned down but we ignore it anyway. We take time to talk about things and how his tour is coming along nicely. He asks if his mates can come over to see the new improvements to the house. I agree, I've met them before a few times but I was dismissed because if work. Their girlfriends adore me, in the fact that I'm only five one and look almost identical to one of them. They're coming over later tonight. That means I have to make myself presentable. "Are you done?" Harry asks, I nod and let him take my plate. I sit and scroll through my phone. The occasional death threats and of course the hate I get for just smiling. 
I shrug it off not caring what some people have to say. "Go get ready babe, don't think of the hate." Harry kisses my cheek and leads me to the room. I open my closet and search through the clothes. I pull on a studded collar blouse and skinny jeans, I pull my hair up and that's as good as it gets. I did my make up lightly and did the usual. Harry just put on clothes and that was about it. Well, he shook his hair. 
The doorbell rang, Harry offered to get it so I waited down in the kitchen cleaning up what the mess Harry made. First to show up was Liam and Danielle, Danielle practically loved me from the first time she saw me. She calls me little bit because I'm short and the youngest out of all. Next was Niall, he showed up single but happy. His blonde hair was coming to a stop, almost gone. But yet he was the most beautiful Irishman I've seen. Funny how he didn't go right to the kitchen and look for food. I studied them, Danielle could have been a model but she's a dancer. If looks could kill, she is it. Liam and her fit perfectly together, I'm surprised they're not married yet. 
Maybe because she's six years ahead of him. Niall sat down on the couch sprawled out to watch the football game. American translation: soccer. 
  Louis and his beautiful girlfriend Eleanor came next, Eleanor is stunning. Louis and Harry are convinced we are twins, we both have the same hair texture and color, same eyes and about the same size too which is weird. Eleanor comes right to me and hugs me, I hug back as she smiles. "Good to see that you're feeling better." She is so sweet, but Louis on the other hand doesn't like me. Well, that's what I've heard. He shoots me a glance and then returns to speaking with his best mate Harry. 
"Where is Zayn and Perrie?" Danielle asks as she runs her fingers through her wild, curly, hair. 
"They should be here any moment." Says Harry getting a drink from the alcohol cabinet. Here we go. Drunk Harry. 
He pours a glass of alcohol and then goes back to being the socialite he's always been. I on the other hand hung around Danielle and Eleanor. We three get along very well, were kind of like sister. I can ask them anything, good or bad they'll listen and give me advice because they've been through it all. 
 "So how are you and curly boy?" Danielle asks with a smile on her face. "We're...perfect." I shrug as Eleanor takes a drink of her beverage. "Out of all of these years, this is Harry's longest relationship." Eleanor adds. I nod and smile as we socialize. 
   Zayn and Perrie finally show up, looking fabulous of course. Out of all of us, they are by far the most stylish. Zayn's face is literally so structured, if I were to ever punch him, his features would cut my hand. Perrie, the adorable blonde from a fellow X Factor group Little Mix comes in attached to Zayn. They were both stunningly beautiful is wasn't even in question that they weren't meant to be. Because they were. 
Perrie comes over to us girls and takes a seat. Her accent thick as she greets us. "Hello girls, how are you?" She asks. We all say well and carry on including Perrie in our conversations. Harry comes over to me and kisses my head and checks up on me. "How are you doing love?" He asks with alcohol on his breathe. I inhale it but ignore it, "I'm fine, having fun there?" I ask taking the alcohol away from him letting him know that's a signal for stopping. Danielle discards  the cup and takes it elsewhere into the kitchen. "Yeah, a little–" 
"Drunk?" I ask again putting my hand on his shoulder in comfort. "Okay, you won't have a good morning tomorrow lets just put it that way." Well now it's not a secret that Harry is hammered. The boys except for Liam are drinking. None of us girls are because two of them are responsible for bringing them home.
Louis was pretty much downing the alcohol any chance he got, Eleanor seemed to let him to his own thing which is necessary for people like them who've partied once or twice. 
Danielle didn't drink, she didn't want Liam to think that drinking is all the fun. 
Danielle, Perrie, and I are the only ones not drinking alcohol. We'd rather drink Lux's apple juice other than that at the moment. 
Harry gave me a kiss here and there, nothing special to record. But every kiss I will record for the fact he is everything. "Baby," Harry took me, his smell a mixture of alcohol and Armani filled my brain. Harry kissed me with the taste of vodka on his tongue. I pulled back "Harry, not now. Your going to be a mess." I put my hand on his chest making it clear. 
Everyone has gone home by now, Harry is watching the television by himself. I was cleaning up after the drinks the boys had, Harry was still downing the bottle. He's going to get it in the morning. He may or may not still be drunk at noon tomorrow. 
"Harry?" I ask as he finished the bottle shared by everyone. "Yeah?" 
I walk to Harry and sit by him on the couch. He looks at me with sparks in those gorgeous green eyes, the spark of the buzz of Harry's personality. "How much did you drink?" I ask as drunken Harry gives me a shrug and a laugh. "Come here" he motions his finger curling it towards him. The flashback of us before we were dating. The chair, the corner, the meaningless sex. I come to him,  he kisses me getting me drunk on his kiss ad touch. Harry takes my hand and walks me up to the room.
He kisses me passionately now killing me inside and I can't do one thing. I may not be drunk off of alcohol but I sure am drunk on him. 
Again, we are attached, he takes me gently with a little aggression from being drunk. But that's not to complain about, knowing that I'd be the same way. What do I feel? I feel an electrical wire running through my veins like water and electricity. This was the best of the best. I just wish I knew what Harry felt at this moment. "Emily," he shyly said panting. His heart racing, his little kisses on my neck and shoulder. This was perfect. 


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