Don't ever leave me

*Cause I'm dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now... cause you have that one thing <3*
PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


3. The panic attack


Harry Styles was getting ready for the concert. He was at the bathroom, looking at himself at the mirror.

Looking at his eyes, and thinking about how he ruined everything, like always.

After that day, everyone started to treat him different. They still talk to him, still joke in the interviews, but Harry could feel their hate to him. And he didn’t blame them.

And, about Louis, they stop being best friends. Louis didn’t even said his name, didn’t talk to him if it wasn’t necessary. Even after an interview, where Harry apologizes in front of everyone, and Louis said it was all right, he didn’t mean it. Nothing could be all right anymore. And Harry knew it, and knew it was his entire fault, like always.

He closed his eyes with force. Don’t cry, idiot, don’t cry. He just felt so fucking alone.

“Harry?” said Liam from the outside.

Harry tried his voice to sound normal; “what?”

“It’s almost time. Hurry up”

“Yeah, I’m coming”

The boy sighted with pain and started putting his shirt again, full of scars. He stop cutting himself in visible places years ago, and started doing in it on his abdomen and his legs.

After checking that the scars were hidden, he putted a fake smile on his face and went out.

On the concert, everything was going normal. They pretend to be friends, and Harry tried to convince himself that was real. But, after three songs, he started to feel bad.

Like really, really bad.

His chest started to hurt, like someone was pushing it. And suddenly he couldn’t breath. He closed his eyes and try to keep on foot, but then it came his turn to sing.

“If we could only have th-this life, for o-one m-more day, if we could… only t-turn b-back t-time…”

Everyone looked at him, confused, cause he was breathing really fast and obviously trying not to fall.

He groaned at loud, making all the fans look at him, worried.

View started clouded at him, and Harry shuddered. A muffled scream get out his mouth, and last thing he saw was Louis’ blue eyes, watching him with pain.

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