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PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


2. The folly of Harry

When Louis woke up that morning, everyone except Harry were having breakfast in the around him, cause, obviously, he was still on the couch.

“Where’s is Harry?” he asked, yawning.

“God, Louis, I thought you were going to sleep forever!” said Niall laughing.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, but c’mon, where’s Harry?”

“Probably still sleeping on his bedroom. Why?” said Liam

“Well, he was watching the movie with me so I’m surprised that he came back to his bedroom”.

“He is not on his bedroom” clarified Zayn.

“Isn’t he?”

“No, I saw him leaving the house a few hours ago. He said he was going to walk a little”

“What? When was that?”

“Like three hours ago”

“Do you think something may happened to him?”

Niall, Liam and Zayn doubt. Harry was really insecure sometimes and he could made something stupid as much as he could be doing something inappropriate with a girl.

“I’m going to call him”

Louis took his phone and marked Harry’s number. It sound like a half an hour when finally Harry’s scared voice answered:


“Harry, I don’t want to seem like a jealous husband, but where have you been? I’m worry. Zayn said you have been out like three hours”

“I…” he sighted “it’s not a good time, Lou”

“Why? You’re touching inappropriate with someone?”

“No” Louis heard Harry’s smile on his voice, but it disappeared a moment after “I wish, but it’s not a good time for that neither”

Harry bit his lip, realizing that he shouldn’t said that cause now Louis was going to worry about him even more.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing”

“Haz, I know you, c’mon, you can tell me, you know I’m your best friend”

Yeah, that’s more and less the problem.

“I’m fine, Louis, really, it’s just…”

“It’s just…?”

“I don’t know” he lied.

“What do you mean? Harry, it’s not like you’re a woman with the premenstrual syndrome to feel awful without knowing why”

“Well, maybe I am”

“Harry Edward Styles, just fucking tell me what’s wrong”

“Lou, I swear I just… I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

“Ok, then, what do you feel?”

In love with you.

“Like I want to jump from a building”

Louis dropped his lips.

“Do you want me to come?”


“No, no, I’m fine”


“Ok, I’m going to be fine, ok? I just need some time with myself”

Louis sighted.

“Ok, I’ll trust you. Please don’t kill yourself. I love you”

Harry felt how his heart slowly get out of his mouth in a vomit verbal: “I love you, too b…” he bit his tongue before the ‘babe’ word scape from his lips, “b-bye”.


*                                                             *                                                   *

Liam didn’t know if go to calm Louis or give Harry the slap that he deserved.

“How could you, Harry?” screamed Zayn, furious.

“Oh, c’mon, guys, don’t be pussys”


“Well, it’s fucking true!”

Niall, who didn’t said anything at that time, hit Harry on the nose, making him fall to the floor, with it bleeding.

Before anyone said anything else, Harry stood up and went to his room.

They could hear the sound of the door being violently closed. 

It was uncomfortable silence, before Liam finally went to Harry’s room.

“Harry” he said softly.

He was sitting on his bed, apparently reading.

“What?” he asked rudely.

“Harry… Louis is… He doesn’t want to open the door of his room and… He is crying, Harry”

He is crying, Harry.

Harry looked at him like he didn’t care, when inside he felt the most horrible person in the world. Louis never cries. Never.


Liam sighted.

“Why don’t you just… talk to him and tell him you’re sorry and that you didn’t meant it?”

“Because I’ll be lying”

Liam looked at him with pain. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at him for a minute, and finally go away.

That’s when Harry started crying.

Look what you did! You made Louis cry! You fucking monster! Harry plugged his ears with force and close his eyes, trying those voices to just stop. But they didn’t, they kept whispering painful things on his ear, and after a few moments, he just couldn’t handle it.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom, he looked at his face and bit his lip not to scream.

That’s when he saw the knife.

A knife, just next to the sink, like it was there all the time.

Maybe it was.

Harry had stop hurting himself when One Direction started, like three years ago, but he could still feet his blood streaming down his arm. He could still feel the pain going away.

So he took the knife and slowly slipped it on his arm. He sighted with pleasure. The voices suddenly stop, with one last sentence:

You’re a monster.

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