Don't ever leave me

*Cause I'm dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now... cause you have that one thing <3*
PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


7. No matter what

Louis seceded from Harry abruptly. They both looked to Liam, who was just stood there, without saying anything.

“Liam…” whispered Louis carefully.

With that noise, he came back to reality. He just closed his eyes and walked away, closing the door.

Louis and Harry looked at each other, worried.

When Liam came back to Zayn’s room, where the three were watching TV, it was completely obvious that he was hiding something.

“Liam, it’s everything fine?” said Zayn.

“Yeah, yeah”

“What about Harry and Louis?” asked Niall, “there were fine? I mean, we heard screams and…”

“No, nothing happened, they’re fine”. The picture of Harry and Louis kissing came back to Liam’s mind, and he closed his eyes again. He couldn’t believe that they were hidden… that all that time his friends had been lying to them.

They wasn’t going to ask anything more, but Liam is the worst person lying or keeping secrets to friends, cause deep in his heart he didn’t want to. “I mean I didn’t saw anything and…” he suddenly realized that he must have just shut up. Too late, thought.

Niall and Zayn looked at him again, thinking about a way to make him admit what he saw.

.                                                            .                                                           .

“We have to talk to him, Haz” said Louis, hugging Harry, “we can’t just pretend nothing happened”.

“B-but what if he doesn’t accept us?” asked the boy. He had started to cry again.

“He will. Shhh, stop crying babe, everything it’s alright”.

“I’m scared, Boo”.

“Me too, but that’s fine”.

“W-what do you mean?”

“Imagine if we weren’t scared! We’ll mess everything up! We need that fear to make things right”

Harry laughed a little.

“So it’s fine that I’m…” Harry bit his lip.

“What?” asked Louis, trying to sound normal, cause he knew Harry was about to say something painful.

“That I’m scared to lose you” he whispered.

Louis smiled with sadness.

“No, it’s completely wrong. I would never leave you again. So stop being afraid of it”.

Harry laughed again.

“I love you so much, Boo”

“I love you so much, too, Haz” Louis kissed Harry’s forehead, and then seceded so he could see his eyes, “are you ready to talk to Liam?”

Harry smiled. Ever, in all his life, he had felt that confident. Like nothing else in the whole world matter, cause Louis love him.


They walked to Zayn’s room, but when they opened the door they weren’t ready to see that.

“What the fuck..?” said Louis, surprised.


Zayn and Niall were on Liam, showing him spoons and screaming “Tell us, tell us!” while he covered his face and answered weakly; “Get away from me!”

Harry and Louis couldn’t help it; they started laughing really hard and said “guys, stop” before they went to separate them.

When they finally were calmed, Harry and Louis looked at Liam, which was biting his lip nervously.

“Liam, we need to talk to you”.

Liam sighted.

“I know. Let’s go”

“B-but…” started Zayn, angrily, “we’re here too!”

“Yeah, tell us what’s going on!”
“Shhh! Adults talking!”

“Oh, sorry” said Niall, but then he realize what Harry really meant, “Hey!”

Before they could say anything more, Harry, Louis and Liam went out and closed the door. They sat on the couch.

“Ok, Liam, what you saw…” started Louis, slowly and carefully “It was the first time, ok? We haven’t been hidden anything”

Liam felt much better. He thought his friends were lying, but then he could calm down.

“Listen, Louis and I…” Harry didn’t know exactly what they were doing, and that made him fell a little bad, “We’re kind of… Like…”

“Like…?” said Liam.

“Eh…”, Harry was starting to feel bad again, “Like… dating”

Louis looked at him understanding. It was cute how Harry was angry about not knowing what they were doing.

“Not exactly dating” said Louis, and Harry felt like as if someone throws him a pitcher of ice water, was Louis saying that they weren’t a big deal? “Actually Harry is my boyfriend”.

It was amazing how those words make Harry felt from the worst to the best emotion.

“Am I?” he asked, surprised.

Louis smiled. “Are you?”

“I… I guess”

Louis laughed. “Of course you are, fool”.

Harry smiled and kissed Louis’ cheek.

Liam smiled too, understanding that wasn’t just a romance. They were not just in love. They loved each other, a lot. Now he just wanted to know something.

“I’m just going to ask both something”

“What is it?” Harry seemed really nervous.

“If I don’t accept it, if Zayn and Niall don’t accept it, if our fans don’t accept it, if nobody accepts it; would you stay together?”

Louis looked at Harry, and Harry looked at Louis.

“Yes” said Harry.

“No matter what” said Louis.

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