Don't ever leave me

*Cause I'm dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now... cause you have that one thing <3*
PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


5. I'm in love with you and a suicide.

“What is it, Boo?”

Louis bit his lip, making Harry think that he seemed fucking sexy doing it.

“Harry… I think… Listen, I don’t wont to ruin our friendship, but I just can’t hide this any longer…”

Harry’s heart started beating really fast, those words… he had dreamed so much to hear those words…

 “Harry, I’m in love with you”

Louis looked at him, while Harry tried desperate to do something, but he was shocked.

“Harry!” Niall’s voice interrupted them at the worst time, while he and the other boys went inside the room.

Louis sighted and smiled like anything happened. Harry tried to do the same, and just smiled while everyone hugged him. He felt really happy that his friends didn’t hate him, but he was still hearing Louis’ words.

Harry, I’m in love with you.

Did he mean it? Did he really…?

And then were those voices again, who told him he didn’t. He was playing. He was joking. And Harry tried to make anyone think he was all right, when inside he was dying to talk to Louis alone, and at the same time he didn’t.

Harry, I’m in love with you.

Harry shuddered. Hours ago, when they let them go home and they were playing videogames (Harry said he was tired and didn’t want to), he could still feel the words getting out of Louis’ mouth and getting into his ear.

10:00’o clock and Liam, Zayn and Niall went to their room to sleep, leaving Harry and Louis alone.

Immediately, Louis looked at Harry, but before he could say anything, his friend stood up and said softly: “I’m going to bed”.

“Eh… Ok” answered Louis, feeling an awful pain on his heart. Was Harry telling him that he didn’t love him?

What the fuck are you doing? screamed a voice on Harry’s mind. Why, after every second he was wishing to talk to Louis, he said ‘I’m going to bed’?

You pathetic coward! You’re scared that Louis tells you he doesn’t love you, aren’t you? Well, he has reason to don’t do it!

Harry closed his eyes while he went upstairs and got into his room. Louis will ever love you get it? You’re such an idiot.

“STOP!” screamed Harry, shaking, “Just leave me alone!”

I can’t leave you. I’m you.

Harry groaned, covering his ears.

Downstairs, Louis dropped to frown; he kind have hear a scream…

Did you really think he meant it? You have to be kidding me!

Harry started to breathe really fast, and he looked to the window. Will be so easy just to finish everything…

You should, nobody is going miss you.

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