Don't ever leave me

*Cause I'm dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now... cause you have that one thing <3*
PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


8. Always -rofl-




"Lou?" Harry asked, confused, walking throw the darkness, "Lou, where are you?"

"Get away from me!" Louis told him with anger.

Harry's chest started to hurt badly. "W-what, why-y?"

That's when he saw him, with a disgusting expression, like Harry was a horrible fly that had to be killed. "Lou-Louis?"

"Go away! I hate you, I hate you!"


  Harry woke up crying and screaming. He closed his eyes with pain and try to make  himself believe that was just a bad dream.

"Haz?" That's when he realised he and Louis were sleeping together.

"Haz, what the matter? Are you ok?"

Harry, knowing that Louis had his eyes closed, tried to sound calm. "I'm fine, I'm sorry, I didn't wanted to wake you up"

But he couldn't lie to him.

"Harry" Louis opened his eyes and say his boyfriend crying in silence "what happend?"

"N-nothing, just a nightmare"

"Oh babe" Louis hugged him tightly while he kissed his forehead.  "Don't lie to me, I'm here for you, ok? I love you"

Harry closed his eyes and smelled Louis' t-shirt, trying to forget the dream. "You said you hate me" whispered Harry weakly "You... you wanted me to get away from you"

Louis started to caress his curls. "It was just a dream, Haz, I love you, and I want you here, with me"

"You do?"

"Always" (AN: Harry Potter, you caught me xD).

Slowly, Harry felt sleep again.  


 "Hey, where are Lou and Haz?" asked Niall when he went to eat breakfast and saw Liam and Zayn watching tv.

"Probably still sleeping, why?"

"I wanted Harry to cook me something"

Liam laughed. "You'll have to wait" 

"No freakin' way, I'll eat and then wait".

"Morrrning lads (AN: I don't really know what lads is, I just have seen it in a couple of fanficts lol)" said Louis smiling.

"We thought you and Harry will sleep the whole day"

"What? Haz isn't here?"

"Uhm no" Liam looked at Louis confused, who was clearly scared. Without saying a word, the oldest guy go upstairs and took his cellphone. He marked Harry's number and wait.


"Harry Edward Styles, where the hell are you?"

"I..." Harry didn't know what to say, he haven't stop thinking about how he'll messed up this time, how he'll ruin things with Louis, so he went for a walk. "I needed some fresh air"

"We have a window, asshole"

"I'm sorry..." Harry's voice was shaking.

"No, Haz, I didn't... I am sorry. You know I joke a lot, I can't... I didn't meant to hurt you. I'm worry"

"I'm fine"

"I told you not to lie to me"

He heard Harry's sight. "I'm coming home, we'll talk then, ok?"

"Ok. And Harry..."


"I love you" Harry smiled with pain. "I love you too".

  When Harry arrived and he and Lou went for a walk -again- Niall and Zayn looked at Liam jealousy. He probably knew what was happening and they didn't. Why? Their friends didn't trust them?  


"Now tell me, what is it?

" Harry looked at the ground ashamed. Not knowing what to say.

"I... I can't stop thinking that... I'll do it again"

"What do you mean?"

Tears streamed down Harry's face. "I'll ruin everything, Lou, and I don't want to"

Louis was speechless. So he did the most stupid question he could ever ask. "What is everything?"

"You and I" said Harry, sobbing. His boyfriend's voice was so emotionless that Harry thought he just did fucked up "I-I'm sorry Lou, please don't..." he closed his eyes, and suddenly felt Louis' arms hugging him, and his lips kissing his forehead.

"How can I make you see how much I love you? We all make mistakes, Haz, and the point is fix them. You can't ruin this, 'cause we'll make it throw anything"

"You really think so?"

"Of curse"


They kept walking till the sun came out. Just holding hands and smiling. 

"Wanna' go back?" asked Louis.

"Uh-uh" At the way back, Harry said softly: "We have to tell Niall and Zayn about this"

"You're ready?

" "Yes. Are you?" Harry smiled, and Lou smiled back.

"Yes. We'll tell them when we get home"


And they did, once everyone was sitting on the living room.

  "Well uhm... You must have realise that something it's going on so..." Louis couldn't help smiling, he loved when Harry speak slowly, "Well, Louis and I are... uhm..."

"Harry is my boyfriend" said finally Louis.

Niall and Zayn laughed. "Very funny, guys, we both know Haz is not gay. Now tell us the truth" said Zayn.

"Wait, so you think I am gay?" asked Louis confused and clearly angry.

"We're serious".

"Wait" said Zayn, while Niall kept laughing and laughing, "you mean you two... OH GOD THAT'S DISGUSTING"

Lou looked at them disappointed, and Harry... he was one step of crying.

That's when Niall, still laughing, said: "You should see your faces...! We pranked you!"

Louis, after a moment of confusion, looked at them angrily. "You scared us!"

"Yeah we could tell by your face!"  Harry hit Zayn with a pillow, but finally started to laugh. "How could you guys think that we wouldn't accept you?"

"Why did you said Haz is clearly not gay?"

"Get over it, Lou" laughed Niall.

He finally laughed too. "Oh you bastards, we'll have our revenge when you two start dating"

"What? Me and Niall...? Oh God"

"Don't bullshit me, you guys love each other a lot" Louis made a weird sexy face and Harry laughed. Zayn and Niall looked at each other, in a complete 'no, we don't'.

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