Lights Will Guide You Home


15. Try again

When I was little, I was only scared of one thing. Death. Having someone taken from me. So when I rushed over to Niall and saw that he was unconscious, I began to see black. Something in my mind snaps me out back to reality though. I place my two fingers on his wrist an let out a huge breath when I see that he is breathing. I place my hand on his face and strike his right cheek. How did this happen? I take my phone out and close my Pandora, I then dial Harry's number knowing he is the only one who could know something.  'Have you seen Niall!' I don't have a chance to even ask anything before Harry is shouting on the phone. 'Yes! I was on a run and I saw him from across the street. He's passed out on the curb of a place called Ye Ol' Pub and stinks like alcohol.' Harry lets out a sigh of relief and answers 'Okay, I know where that is. I'm on my way. Do not leave his side.'  I mumble a quiet 'Okay.' and the call ends.     It doesn't take long for Harry to get to where I am siting with Niall. 'Oh Mate.' Harry says more to himself than me. I help him get Niall in the car which is very difficult. In the end we decide to just lay him down in the back seat of Harry's car. When he's finally settled in I look over to Harry, 'thank you so much Em.' Harry looks defeated and I understand why. His best mate gone all night. Angry. 'Look, I don't want any trouble but I want to go with you. Make sure he wakes up okay' I whisper.  Harry makes eye contact with me and nods his head. I buckle up in the passenger seat of his car and we drive off.     The moaning emanating from Niall's mouth startles me and I turn around to face him quickly. I look over to Harry, and he nods his head. I unbuckle my seat belt and climb to the back. Niall is now sitting up but still blank. I sit next to him and grab his face. 'Don't you ever do that again. Do you hear me.' I surprise myself on how authoritative I sound. He looks over to me and I see tears in his eyes. 'Emma, I never - I' I put a finger to his mouth and embrace him. I place my head on his shoulder and I feel him sigh.   The car ride to the boys flat doesn't take very long. I know for a fact that Harry and I are going to have to carry Niall inside. 'If you want you can stay in here. Ill take him inside, then drive you home' Harry is looking at me sympathetically but I shake my head dejectedly. 'No, Niall and I need to talk.' I glance to the passed out Irish boy as Harry unbuckles his seatbelt and gets out of the car. It takes a lot of work but we finally manage to get Niall to the front steps of the flat. Unfortunately Niall is still unconscious so we have to lug him up all the stairs, once were at the actual door Harry releases the grip on Niall to reach for his key making him Niall tip over onto me. 'Mmm.' A now barley conscious Niall is moaning very loudly while placing a hand in his head. 'I know baby, I know' I surprise myself when I say that to Niall, why am I being so caring when we are currently broken up. Once we finally get inside the flat we are showered with questions from the lads as they come toward us. The only people missing Louis and Eleanor . I don't respond to any of their questions, just simply nod my head toward the stairs and take Niall by the hand. He doesn't mind and follows me closely. While treading up the stairs carefully I hear Harry's voice explaining what happened. I sigh and feel the tears stinging my eyes.      Niall is fully conscious by the time we enter his small room, but by the looks of it he is quickly getting sick. In a few minutes, my theory if proved correct when I am startled to see Niall race toward the bathroom. I hear Niall through the bathroom door throwing up his guts. As I make my self over to the bathroom I think of what Ms. King told me over the phone a couple of hours ago.  'If you love him, nobody can tell you otherwise. If you love him, nothing can change that.' 
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