Lights Will Guide You Home


14. The morning

 Eleanor's POV: 'El, please. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Or Em.' Louis was yelling through my bedroom door as I leaned against it crying my eyes out. I never though that he would sink that low. Of course I have seen him drunk, but to say those horrible things to Emma. That was a new low. I felt the weight of Louis leans against the door. It was seven in the morning and no one had been to sleep. Niall was missing, Harry was blindingly mad at Louis and Danielle and Louis ended up leaving the flat for the night. How could things be so bad when they were so good.     Emma POV : If I didn't think that what was going on was a big deal I wouldn't have called her. But I was breaking down slowly and painfully. Just when I thought I couldn't cry anymore, I would hear the words that Louis said, ringing in mind.  So I called her, Aron's mom. When I was little Aron and I would do our homework and head over to his house. His mom was always welcoming and incredibly nice,just like Aron. One night, after a bad argument with my father I found myself running to his house. Instead of asking for Aron though I found myself in the arms of his mom. She welcomed me in and we talked for hours. She gave me some really good advice, 'Don't be angry with your father, you never know when he could be gone. And boy was she right, the next year he was gone. All that was returned to us was a flag and his uniform. No body. I haven't talked to get since Aron's funeral, which  was just a big and depressing scene. 'Emma?' Caller ID I guess. She sounded depressed. After all she had lost her son one month ago. 'Hey,' is all I could make out. 'How have you been Ms.King'I begin to say. 'Have you been crying?' She speaks clearly into the phone.     I had an hour talk with Aron's mom. We cried and laughed remembering him. Not once did I think of Niall. But as soon as I ended the call the feeling hit me. Do I want to lose Niall? Just like I have lost two important men in my life. Without a word of love.     After I ended the phone call with Ms King I fell asleep quickly. I slept so soundly until three in the afternoon. It's my second week in London. Amazing start right? No. I make my way over to the bathing room and I quickly shower and wrap my self in a towel. I entered my room again and find myself looking in the mirror. My body is wrapped in a fluffy white towel. This reminds me of last week when the boys walked in when I was only in a towel. I smile to myself. I pick out some athletic shorts and a sports bra. I grab my headphones and head out to the city. I run.     I am drenched in sweat before I realize what is in front of me. I stop dead in my tracks, I'm surprised I don't fall over. I am in an old part of the city because the stores look like houses and there are pubs everywhere. And there is a knocked out blonde boy near one of them. 'Niall?' 
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