Lights Will Guide You Home


10. The Flat

      I don't think I have ever wanted something so bad than after Niall pulled away from that kiss. He acted starstruck and I was blushing like mad. 'Woah.' Was all he could say afterwards. When he smiled I looked down at my feet and blushed some more. 'How did you learn to throw like that?' He asked me. 'Cause I'm pretty sure it wasn't just my lips giving you that power' He winked. 'My Dad.' I said, lips dry and still looking down at my feet. Niall reached his hand over and lifted my chin up to meet his gaze. 'Hey, Well I guess your dad was an amazing coach. Look, the nights still young, lets head over to the guys and I's flat and chill.' I nod my head in respond and we walk over to the park exit.       When we arrive at the flat, my feet suddenly freeze at the entrance of it. What if they don't like me , the day of the concert could've of just been pity. I don't notice that I stopped waking and I catch Niall off guard making him walk into me from behind. I squeal in pain as I fall to the concrete ground, scraping both my knees and hands. Niall is next to me in seconds and the flat door opens as well. My face turns hot, and I try to get up only to come across excruciating pain in my left ankle. I scream and begin to breath heavily as fall back to the ground. 'Oh my god , Emma. Are you okay ? What hurts ? ' Niall says quickly. 'My ankle!' I say through gritted teeth. I am soon in the arms of another male and being carried into the flat. I look up to see Zayn's face in pure concentration. I am put down gently on the couch in the TV room, and soon am being iced by Louis. Harry is rushing over with bandaids and rubbing alcohol. 'Oh my, Emma. This looks really bad.' Liam says while cringing slightly. 'Thanks. That's what she needs.'  Niall says sarcastically. I look over at him and see that his is red and fists are clenched. 'Niall, are-' I begin but he comes over and silents me. He runs his fingers through my hair and pressed his forehead to mine. He shifts his head slightly making my leg move and I let out another scream. Niall shoots back up from his position and looks on the verge of crying. 'I- I don't know what-' Niall is trying to get out. Liam motions him to move away from the couch and Louis adjusts the ice, I let out a sigh of pure relief.     The pain slowly goes away, and I'm soon knocked out by the massage Harry is giving my neck. I slowly awaken as two strong arms are carrying me up a set of stairs. 'Mmm' I moan. 'Sh. It's okay baby.' I am relived to recognize the Irish accent and my muscles release from the tense position. 'Im going to let you stay in my room. Okay' I nod my head and nuzzle my head into his chest. I look up and see his is smiling and seems  happy. Its almost adorable how cute he looks. His hair is messed up but still attractive and he looks tired. I feel a pang of guilt, wondering how long he's been awake.      When we enter his room, a chill runs trough me and I shiver. He gently puts me down on his neatly made bed and I sit up carefully. He hands me a soft blue hoodie and i slip it on. 'You know I feel much better, really' I whisper. 'I know. I just like to have you close. I phoned your aunt and she said that it is completely okay for you to stay here. Just as long as nothing happens.' He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. I blush and manage to walk over to him carefully. Then suddenly there is a voice in my head. It sounds exactly like a southern accent that once made me smile so big. Aron, i know i an being delusional but I hear his voice say 'Go for it.'     'Niall,' I begin. 'What do you think of me as.?' He looks up to look me directly in the eye and smiles. 'I think that , since that day backstage when you were hurt, all I wanted to do was hold you close. You're so amazing and even though you have your breakdown moments you're still the strongest person I know. I think that you are beautiful and....' He doesn't continue because he's lips are to busy crashing against mine. We move in perfect sync and our bodies melt into one another. As I pull away, he finishes with 'I would love to think of you as my girlfriend.' I don't know what to say, so I answer instead with an action. I kiss him on the mouth and run my hands through his hair. As I pull back, I nod my head and blush as he begins to smile like an idiot. 
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