Lights Will Guide You Home


9. The Fair

 I hadn't realized how Niall was a celebrity, until today. He seemed so down to Earth and humble, but that didn't change the fact that there was always going to be a spotlight on him. As we walked into the fair, I had already forgotten my tearful breakdown that had happened twenty minutes ago. I was all smiles as Niall and I rode on every ride and by the time it had gotten dark, I didn't even know what time it was. To he honest , I didn't care. I was with Niall, and that's all I cared about.       For a final game we went over to a 'Knock over the cups' Game. It was so funny to see the look on Niall's face as he concentrated on knocking down the triangular forming cups. He bit his lips so hard it was a miracle they weren't bleeding. His lips, the full and pink beautiful things. I wonder how they would feel... Emma. What am I thinking! I mentally reprimanded myself for thinking this about someone I knew I didn't have a chance with. Niall looked over and said 'What are you looking at beautiful?' With a cocky smile I answered 'Nothing, I just wish I knew how to throw so I could win that bunny up there' I pouted my lip as I pointed to the giant pink bunny on top of the booth. 'You can try if you want.' He smiled while handing me one of the yellow balls in his hand. They look and were in similar size as a soft ball, this would be easy. I threw the first one with a bad curve, missing completely. One to throw him off, but to my surprise he also threw me off. With a kiss. He kissed me almost on my mouth, just at the corner of it. Then he proceeded to come close to my neck and whispering in my ear ,'If you make it, the next kiss will be your decision.' I couldn't help but giggle as his words tickled my ear. To my advantage he didn't know the six years I spent playing baseball with my father. I wind up my arm and let it rip knocking down the cups perfectly down. The booth attendant slowly took down the bunny and handed it over to me. I turned to see a flabbergasted Niall , shaking his head. 'I should motivate you with my lips more often' He said cheekily. I didn't give him any warning before I grabbed his shirt in a fist, pulled him forward and crashed my lips to his soft amazing ones.      I had never expected a kiss to take my breath away as much as Niall's did. Sure , I had made out and kissed in my years, but never had I ever experienced something like this. Niall made no objection to my forwardness and put his hands on my hips. The twenty seconds we spent attached, it was as if everything that had ever happened was gone, irrelevant in the hands of someone I.... Love. I love Niall Horan.    
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