Lights Will Guide You Home


13. Louis Gone Wild

      Niall was right about Louis, the more he drank the bigger scene he caused. When we arrived to the party, there were hundreds of people waiting for One Direction. As we walked in Niall seemed so calm about it all while I was getting nervous and red. He obviously notice because in seconds his left arm was wrapped around my waist and a kiss was placed on my head. The paparazzi went crazy. We made our way into the club that was throwing the whole event. Inside it was dark and foggy and most of all it was loud. I immediately noticed Eleanor and Danielle siting on a couch near the back of the club. I made my way over to them Niall's hand in mine. Once I was next to Danielle I noticed how red Eleanor was. 'Its okay, it'll blow over.' Danielle was attempting to sooth her. I looked questioningly at Niall and he pointed with his eyes over to the bar area of the club. Then I saw him, Louis. Grinding against a blonde headed big busted girl. He was yelling and hooting.      If I didn't think that I really did like  Eleanor, I wouldn't have walked over to Louis. He had a drink in his hand and was ordering another. Niall was right behind me making me feel safe. 'Hey Louis, I think maybe you should lay off the alcohol' I yelled over the music to the drunk lad. Niall gripped the back of hand as Louis pushed my shoulder trying to push me away. 'I'm having fun!' He yelled. At this point the boys and Eleanor and Danielle had made their way over to us. I tried to remove the drink from his hand while saying 'Come on, do you really want to do this to El?' For a moment I saw a glimpse of a sober Louis look over to his red faced girlfriend, but as soon as it had come it left and he returned to his drinker state. 'What do you know about relationships?! Yours is a total lie.' His voice wavering. 'Lou,' Zayn warned him. 'Stop.' He finished. 'She should know. How she's a pity and pathetic press case. How our management told us to be nice to her so we could get good publicity. One direction helping a tragic lost girl' Louis finishes adding his hands making an invisible headline. I turn around, tears threatening to fall over the brim of my eyes. Niall looks at me mouth open. Harry speaks up first though stepping through the crowd we made. 'LOUIS. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!' I don't give anyone a chance to comfort me. I am running through the club ad exiting to the street.      Tears are streaming down my face tuning the make up I applied into a black mess. 'EMMA!' I hear his Irish accent calling after me along with a lot of other pair of feet on the sidewalk. I don't so running though, I continue. Niall must be in great shape because when I am out of breath he is right behind me. He places his hand on my shoulder and immediacy shrug it off. 'NIALL! Leave me alone!' I'm yelling and I see the girls and all the boys aside from Louis behind Niall. 'Emma, please. Yes, I know what he said sounded bad. But it's not true.' Liam steps up to me and agrees.' He's telling the truth. Management did tell us to befriend you but that never affected how Niall felt about you.' My voice cracks as I direct my attention to Zayn and ask 'Can you please drive me home?' I'm still crying and my eyes are blurry but I see that he nods. 'Emma, please let me talk to you , I'll drive you home.' Niall is pleading almost crying. But Ignore him, Zayn pats him on the back and says 'Mate, it might be best to let her cool down.'     The car drive to my aunts flat had to he the longest drive of my life. My eyes were dry and sore and I felt so defeated. Zayn had remained quiet, until he pulled up to my street. He took my hand and rubbed it. 'Emma, Niall loves you. Just remember that.' With that he gets out of his shiny black car and goes around the front. He opens the door on my side and helps me out. My clutch purse is in my right hand and walk over to the building door. 'Thank you Zayn.' Is all I say before walking into the building. I am tear free all the way up the stairs to the flat. As I unlock the door I see my phone says one in the morning. When I walk in, I see that my aunt is in the living room watching TV. She turns to see me and I lose it. Tears pour out of my eyes and I fall to the floor. My aunt rushes over to me and holds me up. 'Baby, what's wrong.' I can hear the panic in her voice, so I am quick to answer. 'How can a boy you met One week ago hurt you so much?' That's all I say before my words are covered up by my sobs. 'Oh honey, I know it hurts right now, it's always going to hurt at first.' She whispers. 
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