Lights Will Guide You Home


3. Leaving

 I awake undeniably refreshed. I slept through the whole night, undisturbed. I open my eyes and lift myself off my surprisingly cozy carpet. I look around and head to my bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I am dressed only a robe. Sadly , I even admit to myself that I smell absolutely horrid I turn on the shower and let the water warm as I pick out an outfit from my suitcases. I take the black leggings and loose creme knit sweater along with some undergarments. I step into the shower and scrub myself, I make sure my hair is purely clean and conditioned. I wrap myself into a soft towel and take another for my hair. As I let my self dry I brush my teeth adding an extra ten minutes so that the odor emitting from it completely clears. About twenty minutes later, my hair is blow dried and straitened, I am dresses fully with a pair of Steven Madden brown leather combat boots. I take one less breath as step into my room. I notice that my luggage is gone from my room and I make my way down to the living room carrying a basket filled with my hygienic necessities. 
  I'm not sure what made me turn around and look at the front door, after I land on the bottom floor, but I do. There he is. Lucas Arlington , my older and obviously taller brother. After my father died , he gave up a year of his football scholarship so that he could support our family. After the year my mother told him that he needed to leave   I havnt seen him in three years, he never comes home. Ever. 'Hey' he says.  I run to over to him dropping my basket and jump and wrap my legs around his waist. I stay in his arms for a while just sobbing. When he finally puts me down we walk over to the kitchen and I see my mom with something in her hand. 
  'This is for emergencies only, Emma Arlington if I find out you use this silly I will revoke it' My mother breathes at the end and hands me a credit card. I pull her into a hug and I stay in her arms for a while. 'Well lovely ladies, Em your plane leaves in an hour. We should get going' Lucas says. My bags are in the car so I climb in and we are on our way. We arrive at the airport fifteen minutes before my flight is planned to leave. Lucas wheels my luggage to check in and I turn to face my mother. She hands me my ticket and I grasp the paper in my hand. I will not cry , I need to be strong for her. 'I love you' I say steadily. My mom looks relieved and calm. Lucas rejoins us and we all hug one last time. As I walk into the boarding hall I look back and wave one last time. I give my ticket to the attendant and I board the plane headed for London, England. It's as if my worries have been lifted my some invisible force because as soon as I take my seat I begin to smile. This is good. 


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