Lights Will Guide You Home


11. In the Morning

Niall's POV: 


    If I had to choose I moment in my life to keep reliving it would be this moment right now. Waking up to find the most beautiful girl in the world lying next to me. Her beautiful hair sprawled all over my pillow and her body cuddled into mine. My arms wrapped around her body as she is sleeping so soundly and contently. Can all of this be possible? Am I actually happy, for once in my life? Yes. I am with my girl. Yes my girl.

 A beautiful, down to earth, hurt damaged, but still amazing girl. Her brown hair and amazingly blue eyes, all mine. I kiss her neck and whisper a simple 'Good Morning.' She shifts her body slightly and smiles. I wrap my arms more tightly around her as she turns her body to face me. 'Hi, boyfriend' she whispers as she cuddles her head into my chest. I smile and grip her. 'So babe, so there is this party tonight being held for us. I was wondering if you would come with me?' She looks up and says 'Niall, I don't think the band likes me, I would hate to intrude.' I can't believe what I am hearing. How can she think that the band doesn't like her? If only she could've heard how many times they alarm since the time in her bedroom for her to come over. They loved her, so I said it to her 'they love you Emma. So much.' She looks at me and I can't help but laugh. She's so cute.   

 Emma's POV   


I have never been happier in my life. After Niall told me that the band loved me I couldn't help but feel so content with everything. I got up from the bed and realize I was in one of Niall's shirts and boxers. I scurry to the restroom and leave the door open as I fix my hair and splashed my face with water. Niall got out of bed and makes his way over to where I am. He wraps his arms around me from behind and later sets then down on the sink counter he's leaning against it and kissing my neck. 'So.' He says between kisses. 'Are. You. Coming. Tonight?' I answer with an almost in audible yes and turn my self around to face him. He picks me up from my thighs and sets me down carefully. My legs wrap around his waist and he begins to kiss me. We're in this position for a while until we hear shouting from the next room. Niall takes my hand as we walk into the hallway. At the same moment a nice tall, tan and curly haired girl walks out what I believe is Liam's room in nothing but an oversized shirt. 'Daniele! Please I'm sorry come back!' Liam is running after her as she passes by me. Before I realize what I am doing I grab her shoulder slightly and say 'Hey, do you need to get some air' Even though she doesn’t know me, she still agrees. I let go of Niall's hand ad lead her outside. 'Hi, I'm Emma, I'm Niall’s, well since last night, girlfriend.' I smile and she looks happy for me. 'What happened?' I ask. She sits down on the steps leading up to the flat. 'Its just that, every time I go to an event like this with him, I always get forgotten. He's to busy with the boys and the paparazzi is always hounding him. It makes me feel unimportant,' She begins; I can see she is on the edge of breaking down so I take her hand and give it a squeeze. She continues 'and in there he was saying how I should get used to it. That I should be used to it.' I give her a hug and run her back slowly. I don't offer any words of console half because I don't have any and the other half because I know that sometimes you just need someone to be there. 'Thank you for listening. Niall is very lucky.' I smile and she head inside. I turn around and see Niall standing in the doorframe. 'You're amazing, you are.' He says in a thick accent. I slowly rise from the steps and he embraces me. 'Niall promise me that you'll never do that, you'll never forget about me.' I say into his chest. 'I would never' he whispers. 

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