Lights Will Guide You Home


12. Friends

When we make our way back into the flat we're hand in hand. I look over to see Danielle and Liam in the corner of the kitchen, she is standing between his thighs and he is looking up at her while holding her hands. They seem calm and even though their conversation is inaudible I can guess everything is okay. Niall wraps he is arms from behind me and pecks me slightly where my chin and neck meet.  Everyone is hooting loudly and Niall and I are blushing madly. 'So Nialler, anything exciting you want to share?' Says a cheeky Louis. 'Oh, shut it!' Niall remarks. 'Oh that reminds me' Louis says to me. 'I want you to meet Eleanor.' I look confused on the name that escaped his mouth. Then I see a gorgeous tall girl descend from the stairs behind the kitchen. She, like Danielle and I, is wearing what I am guessing is Louis shirt and a pair if dark boxer shorts. She walks gracefully over to Louis and sits on his lap. He embraces her and kisses her arm. 'El, this Emma. She's Niall's girlfriend' he says facing me. She smiles and says 'Its so nice to finally meet you. These guys wouldn't shut up about you all week. Are you coming to the tour party tonight?' She is very nice and polite. I nod my head Niall smiles slightly.     Back in his room, Niall hands me a pair of jiggers and I skip my shirt from yesterday on. I see Niall sitting on the end of his bed staring at me as I dress. I walk over to him and sit on his right thigh. 'Hey , if I really am going tonight, I think I should go home and get ready. I mean it's already noon'. He nods his head and says 'Of course, I can't stay though , my stylist is coming to dress is boys.'  'Its okay. ' I say standing from his thigh.     We make our way to the living room,where we find everyone sitting on the sofa. Eleanor rises from Louis' lap as does Danielle. 'So we were thinking,' Begins Danielle. 'Lets go shopping for tonight.' Eleanor takes my arm and nods her head in agreement. 'Yeah this will give us time to get to know you, and a little shopping trip. All on Louis.' Eleanor grins and takes Louis' wallet from his back pocket. 'Hey !' He protests, but after the two girls pout at him, we are out of the door and headed for the shops.     I don't think I would ever pick this dress by myself. Eleanor and Danielle, had already chosen, tried on and bought and outfit or tonight. It was my turn and I only had one dress chosen by Danielle in my hand. I put it on and looked in the mirror provided in the dressing room. It was a black strapless thing that was tight and hugged all the right places on my body. It came to mid thigh and to be honest I loved how I looked in it. I stepped out of the dressing room and my bare feet padded on the tile floor. The two lovely ladies were sitting on a sofa facing the dressing room and as soon as I stepped out of the room they were on their feet. 'Oh. My. Gosh. You look sexy !' They said in unison and giggled to each other.     After buying my dress with Louis card, which I protested to many times, but was outvoted by, and several other accessories and shows, we arrived at my place. I noticed that my Aunt was not home and figured she was at work. We made our way to my room and headed to the bathing room. After all three of us had been bathed and dried we began the process towards perfection. It surprised me how nice and lovely Eleanor and Danielle were. They made me feel so comfortable and confident. Back home, the only girl I talked to was my mother, so this felt nice. 'So, Emma, how are you and Niall? ' Said Danielle as she finished curling her hair. 'Well, it's only been a day , but so far it's great.' I blushed and said 'How exactly is it having a boyfriend like, well them?' 'It's hard, really hard, but in the end love is all that matters.' Says Eleanor. I smile and then notice she has gotten up and walked over to my TV stand. 'Who's this?' She says while placing gold earrings in her earlobes. She is holding the picture. Of Aron.     I never thought that I would be able to open up to people, let alone girls. But I did. I told them everything, in which time we all got ready. By the end of my speech we all looked amazing. Even though the girls were on the verge of crying. 'Hey Gals, don't worry about it. Don't ruin your makeup. I'm fine and I think that if it weren't for Niall I  would probably be dead.' They don't say anything, they only embrace me together and I feel warmness in my heart. I have friends.     I hadn't realize how well I looked until I saw the reaction of my appearance from the boys. We had arrived at their flat at 7 pm, and they all looked amazing. Suited up and hair gelled. The girls decided to drop me off and wait for the boys at the club where the party was being held. I on the other hand didn't want to intrude on their plans so I decided to come to Niall's. The looks on their faces made me blush so intensely I wondered if my face would burst into flames. After A moment of silence and just staring they began to hoot and par Niall on the back. I had accompanied my dress with a pair of black stilettos and let my hair fall in natural curls. Only a dab of makeup here and there and bam, I was ready.      Niall walked over to me and held my hands, 'You look amazing,' he said and stole a kiss. 'You don't look to bad yourself' I winked. He took me hand and led me into the living room. 'Emma you look lovely' Says a polite Liam. 'Thank you.' I respond and smile. 'WOOOOO! LETS GOOO' I hear Louis yell. I look over and see he is completely drunk. Niall shifts my body to face him and whispers in my ear, 'El and him had an argument. He tends to drink and say stupid things and he thinks intoxicating himself even more will make it better.' I nod my head in an understanding manor.     We all make our way outside of the flat where a sleek black limo awaits us. We board the long automobile and settle in. Niall puts a protective arm around me and I settle into his neck. He chuckles as I tickle the palm of his hand I am holding.  This is paradise. But how long does paradise last.   

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