Lights Will Guide You Home


7. Friends

When I'm inside the door to the flat I hear my Aunt gasp and run over to me. 'Was that Harry Styles driving you home' She's smiling so wide I think she might break her face. I shrug her off and begin to walk to my room. When I walk in I drop my phone and wallet on my bed , grab a towel and head for the bathing room. When I come out, steam falls out all through the room, then I notice that my phone is flashing and beeping non-stop. I walk over, in my towel and slippers and pick up the device. I see the loco screen, and see five messages from the following names; LouisTom, Harry, Nialler, LiamP, and Zayn. I smile and laugh to my self, they really did out their numbers in my phone. I unlock the first from Harry "Hello there hope you didn't get in too much trouble for coming home late, but then again you did pass out. Get well soon xxx-H" I smile and respond with a "thank you, and no I'm fine". The next four I open all say the same thing , which surprises me completely, "We're coming over -xo" I burrow my brows in confusion. That's when I hear a knock at the door, I walk over to my bedroom door and open it, then close it quickly again. 'Uhrm, Em, sorry we didn't know you were Uhm ,' Niall says through the door, as the other four chuckle. " 'Its fine, just Uhm, hold on' I yell from all the way in the closet. I throw on a sports bra and some shorts, I run over to let them in just as I am pulling over a hoodie. 'What are you doing here?' I ask as I let them into my room. 'You know, most girls would be ecstatic about having One Direction in their room' says a cocky Liam. I stick out my tongue and they laugh. Suddenly I hear a 'E-hem' come from the door and fine my Aunt motioning for me to come into the hallway. All she's says before she walks away is 'No sleepovers, and be careful.'  I head back into my room while closing the door. I see that the boys have all taken a comfortable position on my bed. I sit at the end of my bed and look at them then, Zayn speaks up, 'Sorry about just showing up, but we wanted to see how you were doing.' He grins and I say 'I left not but twenty minutes ago ' they chuckle and so do I. 'So how are you love' speaks up Louis. I smile and say 'I'm fine really' they all seem relieved. After all the awkwardness disappears we begin to talk like friends, they are all very live and very very cute. I find myself dying of laughter at three in the morning and finally get up to leave. I lead them out but Niall wanders close to me. I smile at him and he blushes a bright red. He is very attractive and very funny, then y mind goes blank. What am I thinking , Emma you need to snap out of this. We say our good byes and they all say together, three very odd words, see you tomorrow. As I walk back to my room, I am smiling big. There's no way. There is no possible way for something like this to happen to someone like me, someone from Texas. I fall asleep peacefully and quietly.  In the morning, I notice that it is my third day and I havnt really been around the city of London. I mean isn't this a girls dream. So after I get ready and eat a French toast, I take a risky move. I call up the Irish boy. He answers after only one ring, and a smile breaks out on my face. Could this be real could he really be someone I fall for.
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