Lights Will Guide You Home


16. Clean up

I open the door to bathroom and see Niall leaning over the white toilet, just as I was thinking the sickness had passes, another round of vomit comes out Niall. 'Niall, why did you so this?' I'm whispering almost inaudibly as I bend down onto my knees in the bathroom. I place my hands on his back and rub it up and down slowly as he continues to lean over the white contraption. After a good ten minutes of no vomiting, I make Niall rise from the kneeling position he is on the floor. 'Come on big boy.' I groan as I take his weight on my arms. He is more himself now, but he is still remaining silent. I lean him against the wall facing the shower and make my way over to turn on the hot water. Once I feel that the water feels good enough I turn around and look at Niall. He is frowning and I can see there is something he wants to say. 'Go ahead, apologize. I forgive you for what happened in the club. I over reacted and didn't give you a chance. Maybe it wasn't true. But I sure as hell will never forgive you for this.' I say all of this before I give him a chance to speak. 'I- I Im sorry, Em.' I smile at him and make my way over to him. I place my hands on his fit torso and he looks down at my small hands. He smirks and I say 'Were sill together, but you are so on probation. Now hands up.' I motion with my hands telling him to raise his arms. He complies with my order and I begin to take his shirt off. I take the white v-neck and throw it in the hamper on the side of the wash basin. 'What are you doing ?' He asked as I face him again. 'You need a shower.' I fan my hand above my nose and and he chuckles.      Niall manages to undress himself, as I shield my eyes. 'Okay, you can look.' I hear him say from behind the navy blue shower curtain. I take a seat on the sink counter, crisscrossed. After a couple of minutes the bathroom begins to get filled with steam and the mirror fogs up. 'Emma,' I hear Niall say. 'Mm' I mumble. 'You do believe me, that I didn't say the thins Louis claims I did right. Well not exactly anyway.' I take a movement to let the words sink in and think about an answer. Finally I respond with 'Niall, I believe you. I always will. You don't seem like someone who would lie to me. It's just that in the movement I was upset.' Niall takes a moment to respond before he says 'Thank you for helping me with the drinking thing. You're an amazing girlfriend.' I smile to myself at the word he uses to label me.      If I said that Niall took normal length showers, I'd be lying. It took forty-five minutes for him to get clean and dressed into some joggers hanging loosely on his amazing hips. He hasn't bothered to put on a shirt and was now rubbing the towel through his wet blonde hair. I was sitting on the end of his bed removing my black running shoes I had on. Before I could take the second one off Niall was on his knees in front of me untying the shoe and removing it from my foot. When he was done he smiled up at me and slowly rose from the carpet. He took my hand and slid me back to the top of the bed and joined in with me. He cuddled into me while I faced him. His hand was playing with my hair and his mouth was leaving wet kisses down my neck all the way to my shoulder. I giggled and he chuckled against my skin. 'Niall,' as soon as I said his name I knew he knew that I was being serious. He nodded against my arm and I kept talking. 'Look, I'm not saying I'm upset, but please next time you go out like this. Let someone know. Let me know.' I had shifted my body to be him closely. 'I promise, I really am sorry. I don't know what came over me but I lost it.' I nod my head understanding what his saying to me. Before he can continue to talk I place a soft peck on his lips and curl into him.      I'm not sure how long we were up in Niall's room taking a nap, but when we awaken its dark outside. I reach over Niall to the bedside table where my phone is and begin to dial my aunt. Before I can go back to my original position on the bed Niall's hand embrace me and hug over his body. I giggle and don't have time to object before my aunt is on the phone. 'So, I'm guessing you made up,' I don't have time to even respond to her first question before she is speaking again 'Look, I have a date tonight, can you stay over there tonight.' My aunt gives me no time to answer her before a male voice is heard in the back ground and the call is ended.  'Okay, ew' I say as I place the phone back on the table. 'Mm' Niall mumbles. 'Can I crash here ? Apparently my aunt has a date' I say cringing. 'Of course.' Niall says simply while smiling.      It takes us another twenty or so minutes to make ourselves back down to the lower level of the flat, we are so indulged in our own happiness we have forgotten the events of the previous night. We see Harry and Zayn in the living room watching a movie, with Liam and Danielle as well. 'Hey guys, says a cheeky Niall taking a hold of my waist. 'They all turn to see us behind the couch they are sitting at. They all smile and Danielle says 'Oh my god! Yes ! I would've died if you guys didn't work things out.' I smile slightly and look at Niall. I don't think I have ever seen someone so happy.     The smiles and laughing fades instantly away when the front door is opened. Growing up, I was a very angry child. I would get upset if any little thing went wrong. But until now I never really felt anger, full blown anger. As soon as I see his face I tense up and I know Niall feels it against the hand on my waist. He gives me a small squeeze and I return to normal, though not the same could be said for Niall. His jaw is tense and his mouth is in a thin line. Zayn, speaks up and says 'Louis, Uhm, how are you mate?' I don't wait for his answer and excuse my self from the group and head to the kitchen. Even in there though I hear the voices and the rising tones if anger all through out. I am so indulged in my own thoughts I don't even notice Danielle come into the kitchen until she places a soft hand on mine.    Niall's POV   Once I'm sure Em is in the kitchen I turn my body rigidly and plop down on the couch while everyone is standing up. 'Im fine' I hear the idiot say. 'Harry-' Louis is trying to talk to Harry but he shakes his head and sits down next to me. 'Are you serious? You're all going to take his side. You're gonna treat me like this?' I hear the wavering in his high pitched voice and get an urge to give the mate a hug. But the urge is soon changed into anther emotion, rage. Before I realize what I am doing I am standing up while shouting. 'What did you expect them to be okay with this? How dare you.' I can feel my face hot as coals and I am right in the face of one of my best friends. I don't stop though, something is keeping me going. I am just about to punch Louis straight in the face when I hear her tiny voice. I hadn't even realized she had come out from the kitchen. 'Niall! Please, stop.' I am instantly filled with guilt and my face goes pale. I drop the fist abruptly and step away from a cowering Louis. 'Mate, I was drunk. I didn't know what I was saying' Louis is speaking slowly as if I'm still capable of punching him. But I don't, instead I walk over to Emma and take her face in my hands. 'Sorry' I whisper. She closes her eyes and takes me hand in hers. Then she does the unexpected. She doesn't even let go of my hand, but she takes the other raises it and makes connection with Louis' face. She is surprised herself as is everyone else in the room. 'Were good here, nothing happened and we all get along fine.' That's all Emma says before she walks away from the scene my hand still in hers. We make or way outside and she lets out a huge breath. My little princess, just slapped my best mate. Great, this ill go over great with management.      'I am a terrible person. ' I am sobbing loudly while my face is my hands. I can feel Niall's uncomfortableness and look up to see him looking at his feet. 'No you're not. Louis deserved that. It's just- I- I' I take Niall's hand and gently bring it up to my lips. 'I lost her control back there. On my best mate. And worse of all. I lost control in front of you.' I can see the pain in his eyes and I feel my heart grow heavy. 'Niall. Do not be ashamed of who you are and what you do. Although I do not ever want to see you hurt anyone, I also don't want you be feeling like this.' I place my hand on his face and he kissed the inside of it. 'Thank you' I hear him whisper.     When we finally are ready enough to re-enter the flat we notice that the whole first floor is empty. I feel a draft and notice that the sliding door that leads to porch is opened. I can see from the living room, the boys and Danielle and a girl with purple blonde hair sitting down on hire plastic chairs. They seem to be enjoying the summer air while talking around in a circle. They look at peace. Niall intertwines his fingers with mine, and begins to swing my arm as we head upstairs. Before we even reach the top of the stairs, we hear the shouting emanating from what can only be Louis' room. Apparently while Niall and I were outside Eleanor had arrived from the back door. They were shouting so many harsh things and profane words I couldn't help but cringe. I have a seen couples fight, take Dani and Liam for example, but things always seemed to end up right. But the shouts  that came from behind that closed door, were something I had never experienced. Something I knew may never be fixed. All of this ran through my head as I say down on Niall's bed. Then I heard it the smash of glass and a female scream.      It's quite odd how fast I ran to Louis' room. I hurt my ankle actually, as I opened the door. I felt Niall right behind me as I took in the scene of Louis room. The mirror hanging up above a black dresser was in pieces and Louis was holding his hand with a face of agony. Eleanor was as white as the sheets on the king size bed in the room. Her mouth was a gape and she looked as if she was going to pass out. My feet responded to the situation before my mind did. I gave Niall instructions, 'Take El, into your room and get her calmed down.' The tears pouring down her face were falling at an abnormal rate. Niall don't question my actions and took El by the waist and out of the room. I crouched down to the kneeling position Louis was in and placed my hands onto his face gently. By now I had heard the running steps of the group outside come up and to Louis room. I turned to the door way and made hand gestures to go away.      I returned to facing Louis and whispered 'Louis, I think it might be a good idea to take a break from El. Let me just get you cleaned up okay. Then you have to break it off. This isn't healthy.' Louis looks up from his hand he is holding with his left and faces me. 'She broke up with me. Because I am a terrible person. I'm so sorry Emma.' Tears are pouring out of his eyes and I don't know anything else to do but embrace him and hold him while he crus his heart out.       Before my father died I had only cried for a long time, one time. The day my brother came home from school and had tears in his eyes. I don't know what made me cry but right then and there I started to ball. Maybe it was the fact that I had never seen my brother cry that made it so emotional for me as well. I had hugged him and he had just talked to me about how Clair, his fret and only girlfriend had moved away and that they had cut it off. They had been going out since the eight grade and then as seniors they looked so in love. All of this comes to my mind as I am washing off Louis hands, the second band member of One Direction I have wages in the last sixteen hours. Great. Once Louis is all tucked in and knocked out from pain killers I exit the room and find Niall outside his door sitting against it. 'Baby.' He begins. 'I knew that having a girlfriend was difficult especially so since I am you know me. But this is so much more than you signed up for. Things were already so hard-' I cut him short with a sweet kiss to the cheek and sit on his lap. He extends his legs and makes sure I am comfortable. 'Niall, you wanna know something ? I have never been okay, I have never actually had friends or a boyfriend at that. This thing with Louis, it is just shaping how strong we can be. So, if you're willing to continue this fairytale no matter how many bumps in the rode there are, please say I.' I don't have to wait long before he repeats the word. 'I.'      We have to wait about twenty minutes before Eleanor finally makes her way out of Niall's room and out into the hallway. Her eyes are swollen and I can see the streaks of makeup running off her face. 'Emma, I want to apologize to you and Niall both for all this mess. I'm sorry, that things between Louis and I made things had for you. I'm just- sorry' she cannot finish her sentence and Danielle who was in the room with her has to help her down the stairs and then drive her home. Out of the door on the left of Niall's comes out the rest of the band along with who now I recognize as Perrie from Little Mix. And by the looks of it, she and Zayn are together, holding hands. Everyone looks tired and upset. 'So, I guess everything will be okay from now on ' says a gloomy Liam. I nod my head and we let out a big sigh. I smile to everyone around me and am delighted to see them smile back. We're okay. Well be okay. Everything will be okay. Right ? 
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