Lights Will Guide You Home


1. Before...

I tried. I really did try to keep things under control. Last time this happened I promised myself, never again. But things change. People pretend.  I would know that best. Being in the situation I’m in right now, really makes you think back to what you could have done differently. Where you went wrong.

All of this running through my mind in this one moment, while the gun shot goes off. And everything goes black. 


Six Months Earlier 


'And she runs to third, will she make it? OH! Ladies and gentlemen she did it Emma Arlington makes a home run, winning the last game of the season!'


My Best Friend Aaron Kings yells while creating a mock crowd sound with his voice. I blush as I complete a backhand spring on to the home plate. 
  He claps and yells out while I push my dirty blonde hair back behind my ear.


'How are you so damn fast, Em?' He says while jogging towards me from the bleachers. I smile slightly and bend down to pick up the bat I dropped when I hit.

‘Hey, who said a girl can't play baseball? ' I smirk. '


Smart-ass ' Aaron continues ' your dad taught you well. ' At the mention of my dad my smile disappears.


 'Em.' Aaron begins. '


Forget it. It's fine' I state. We walk back toward Aaron’s car in silence. As I buckle my seatbelt Aaron turns on the car and the radio begins to play. The sun beaming through the window was leaving a glare on my legs. It is 80 degrees in southern Texas, if you weren't wearing shorts you would burn. As I was trying to cover the sun glare on my legs by playing with my hands I heard the huff of Aaron breathing in and I turned my head just to see his hands go up. He ran his hands through his lightning blonde hair. He does this every time he is about to say something serious. I drop my boot covered feet from the car windowsill onto the floor. ‘Emma,' he only calls me that on very serious notes. I’m scared. ‘What?' I ask facing him while crossing my feet onto the seat? He won’t look at me. His eyes locked dead on the road ahead of him. 'I'm leavin' ' His southern accent was usually something to brighten my day but in this moment I’m so perplexed I miss it completely.  'What are you talking about?' I ask. 'Well you 'member back when you were taking your Modern Writing class in Houston? '


Yes' I think back to earlier in the summer when I had taken two weeks off life for something thing I loved.


Uhm ' Aaron continued ' Well I completed some basic training ' I spun my head around and he caught my eye but he quickly turned the blue orbs away. '


Training for' my voice warning. 'The Military Em. ' He answers while stopping at a stop sign.


 Before he has the chance to continue to drive I go out of the car. I slam the door so hard I could've sworn the whole thing shook. 
 'Em' Aaron get out of the car and walking behind me. I turn around so fast I’m surprised I didn't end up with whiplash.


'How dare you?' I say almost in a whisper.


'Emma, I - ' He tries.


. ‘No! You know how I feel about that. You know what happened. ' I hadn't even realized I had began crying until I tasted the salty liquid on my lip. ‘Why?' I asked. ‘Emma! I hate the fact that this hurts you. But I hate it here. This town has 300 people and that's exaggerating. I want to be able to do something. To get somewhere. ' His voice was wavering. 'Em. I am so sorry but this is it. This is what I want. ' 
 I had no words. My mouth was dry. I slowly backed away. I turned and began to walk away. I heard the slam of a car door and the start of an engine. I turned my head to see him drive off. But to my dismay I saw something else. Angry. Aaron was angry he had drive off without looking. All I saw was an eighteen-wheeler with Aaron’s car splatted in front of it. That's the last thing I saw before I screamed my head off and blacked out. 
These blackouts were common. They happened when I experienced trauma. They started after my dad died. I gripped my hand on the hospital room bed. I could see my mom and stepdad sitting on the couch, in front of my bed. Before I could even speak a moan escaped my mouth. My mom jolts awake ' Honey' she began to cry. 'Mom, where's Aaron?' As if by cue a doctor came in and answered the question for me. 'Emma, I'm so sorry ' she shook her head. 'No. ' I began to whimper. 'No he's okay. Tell me he's okay ' I cried out. My mom began to cry. I tried to get out of my bed, but the doctor and my stepdad detained me. In the end I managed to escape their grasp and I tumbled into the hospital hall. With my 'incredible' luck I stumbled right into a mobile bed with a person covered fork head to toe. Which meant he was deceased. As I stood up I saw his hand come out form under the blanket. The hand that had thrown a ball just this morning, the hand with the cross tattoo on the inside his ring finger. I screamed so loud I'm pretty sure all of Texas heard me. Blackout. 
  This time when I woke up I felt sore and tired. My eyes were swollen and I my feet were killing me. All besides that I opened my eyes and saw my mom sleeping on the couch again. This time though I stayed in my bed and thought. 
All of this was my fault. Aaron would be alive. He would've been gone to army but at least I had the hope of having him returned to me. Now he was gone. The words 'My fault ' were permanently imprinted into my mind.

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