Lights Will Guide You Home


4. Arrival

 Before i begin with the actual story i want to thank Dory<3 for being my first read favorite and also first comment <3 :) Please go check out her amazing Fanfic .... Heres the story.

   My flight was the most peaceful travel of my life. I slept through half of it and wrote for the other. Lately my stories and poems have turned into songs. Long and sad songs. 'Ladies and Gentlemen we have arrived in London please prepare for your leaving from the plane and thank you for flying with us' The Pilot took the plane down and we arrived in the London airport. I sighed heavily and got up from my seat. I gathered my carry-on bag and descended down the airplane corridor and reached the exit. I breathed in and opened the heavy door leading to the airport lobby. As soon as I was outside the chamber I was embraced by my Aunt Darcy. 'Emma ! Look at you. You've blossomed love' My aunt Darcy was born and raised in Texas but somehow the southern accent had skipped her and she sounded almost native to London. I managed a smile and she lead me to the baggage pick up line. 'How many bags did you bring with you dear ' she giggled as I took the fifth bag of the conveyer belt. 'That was the last one.' I said plainly. 
    Once my aunt managed to get a car I packed my things into the pack compartment and finally took a real look around. I was London and it was as beautiful as I had ever imagined , if not more. As the driver continued to the address my aunt had given him I pleated over to my right where my aunt was sitting. She was in her forties but looked as if she was still twenty-five. She was naturally beautiful just like my mother. Mother. I remembered that I had to let her know once I had landed. I reach in my bag for my phone and once I take a hold of it , I take a quick picture of myself and send it to her. The immediacy to her response was astonishing, as if she had been waiting with her phone in her hand the whole time. Ah, my mom. 
    It took about twenty five minutes to arrive at my Aunts flat. In which she explained her rules and gave me good places to eat and study. Then we reached an old building that looked rustic and very old.  Inside the building it was beautiful and decorated very modern.  'Are you hungry ?' My aunt asks me. I shake my head and say 'I'm actually really tired. I'm gonna take a nap then unpack my things. Uhm.. Where can I sleep ? ' My aunt directs me towards a small room next to an office and I see three book shelves covered in books and a sofa right in to middle of the room. I nod and smile 'Aunt Darcy .... Thank You.' I smile slightly and embrace her , she accepts the hug politely and squeezes me a little.  We end our hug and I sit down on the sofa. It's very quiet and soon enough I am knocked out. 
  When I awaken I notice a blanket has been put over me and I am sprawled over the white couch. I slowly rise from my position and head to where I hear Aunt Darcy is , the kitchen. She is cutting up some carrots and mixing them in a bowl with other vegetables  'Wow, I really expected you to sleep way more love. It's only been two hours' I notice the clock and realize she's right. I feel very alert and not tired at all though. I walk away from the kitchen and over to the front door where my luggage was supposed to be. To my surprise the suitcases are gone. I turn on my heal and walk back to the kitchen. 'Hey Aunt Darcy, where is my stuff' I ask curiously. My aunt turns from where was standing in front of the fridge and faces me. 'Second door on your right in that hallway right over there.' She points to a hallway next over at the far end of the flat. I walk over slowly and make my way to the hallway. I push the door open and I gasp quietly.  
   My room back home was small but it was nice.  This room however is the size of two bedrooms and it has a bathroom and a midsize walk in closet. I look around and look at the mauve painted walls and the dark mahogany furniture. I slowly drag my fingers on the soft linen covering my bed. I look and realize that all my stuff has been put in the rightful place. My eye catches something, a picture frame sitting on my tv stand in front of my bed. I pick up the small wooden box and I begin to breath heavily. It is the picture of Aron and I that brought with me, but I has been remastered. My bathing suit has been made so that it is no black and white and the same goes for Aron's swim trunks. The picture is beautiful, I hold it to my chest as my Aunt walks in drying her hands with a green hand towel. 'Do you like it?' She asks. I turn around and nod my head. Smiling she leans on the door frame and looks down 'Emma , you know you can talk to me about anything right ?' I walk over and embrace her 'Of-course' I whisper 
     The next morning, or mid-day I should say I wake up but stay I'm my bed for a couple minutes. Finally when I have the energy to rise from the comfortable square I head to the bathing room. I look around and smile, something I've been doing a lot lately. I turn on the water and sit on the toilet as it warms. I begin to undress and then step in carefully into the tub. I shower very thoroughly. When I step out and I am dresses in a bath room I decide to go into the living room and see if my Aunt is planning on doing anything. When I arrive in the huge living room, no one is there. I make my way to the kitchen an realize that it to is empty of my Aunt. I walk back to the hallway and make my way to her room. Before I even enter I notice a bright piece of paper on the door. I take it off and I read it as I walk to my room. It says , 'Em, I know it's a Sunday but they called me into work here at the paper. Feel free to go out into London have a little fun. Take money and your cell phone. Love , Darcy.' I am now sitting on the end of my bed and realize that I'm all alone. I put down the note on my now messy duvet, I walk over to my closet and stand in front deciding what to wear. I finally make a choice on some khaki color shorts and and loose dark grey cardigan with a tank underneath. While my hair air drys I take time to do my makeup, not too much , and begin to paint my nails with some polish I found in the cupboard in the bathroom. It is simple black, when my nails and hair are both dry, I begin to straighten my long mane. Once it's done I flip my hair to one side and grab lotion from the marble counter. I lotion my legs and walk out of the bathroom and wall over to my closet, I pick a over the shoulder brown leather bag and throw in my phone and my wallet. I also throw in some gum I packed for home and finally I walk out of my room and then out of the flat. 


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