Lights Will Guide You Home


8. A Day Out

   "Hello Beautiful" Niall answers. I smile and talk into my phone "So , I was thinking . I've been in London for about four days and I havnt been anywhere but the concert, which was ultimately ruined. So I was wondering if you wanted to do something." I don't have to wait long before he answers with a loud 'YES!' I laugh a little bit and he offers to pick me up in twenty minutes.        As I try to find some jewelry to match my navy blue short dress, I come across the picture of Aron and I, on my TV stand. My breathing begins to get heavy and I find myself in the restroom, barfing up the French toast I had eaten an hour ago. Why is this happening? Why now ? I lean against the sink and look at my reflection in the mirror, what is happening. I try so hard to be the anomaly of a depressed girl, I try to be different and change it to happiness. But I can't seem to let this go.  Could it be Aron, could it be the fact that I never revealed nor realized my feelings for him, that's  making me fall for someone so impossible. After I wash my mouth, I walk out of the flat and make my way down the stairs. When I'm out of the building I see a blonde boy across the street hugging some little girls and giving the younger one his snap back on his head. I smile slightly and continue to watch as he makes his way over to my side of the road.  He waves at me and says 'So I cleared my schedule for today, I'm all yours today. ' 'Niall, you didn't have to do that, I was just thinking back to you saying we should hang out. And I thought we'll why not.' I say while blushing. He chuckles a bit and says 'Em, it's fine.' Em. He called me Em. Like Aron used to do , I don't realize I am  unfocused and crying until Niall is cupping my face in his hands asking me frantically if I'm alright. I can't find the words to tell him how I am so not alright. 'Can I talk to you about something' I finally say.     Niall and I walked over to a small book store that serves coffee as well. 'This is my favorite place to come and just think about, we'll everything.' He says while we enter the small building.  We sit down at a small table near the children's books, and Niall's attention is all on me. 'About A month and a half ago, I lost my best friend.' I begin. I never thought that someone so famous could be so easy to talk to, Niall really listened to me the whole time I explained what I've been going trough. 'So when you called me Em today, I lost it' I finish my long monologue, just as Niall comes to my side of the table and hugs me. My head is in the crook of him neck and I begin to cry. He whispers in my ear so softly that I begin to calm down, "I think I know a place where you can take your mind off of everything." I don't have time to say anything otherwise , when he is pulling my arm and dragging me out on to the sidewalk. He takes his phone and asks me to call Liam for him. Before I can ask why Liam picks up the phone and begins to yell 'NIALL , HOW CAN YOU JUST CALL A WHOLE DAY OFF OF WORK ?" "Uhm, Liam this is Emma." I say. I then notice that Niall is in front if me making signals with his hands. I finally understand that he is silently telling me to tell Liam he's sick. "Oh Emma, sorry for yelling, why do you have Nialler's phone?" Liam continues. "It's okay , and he came over and told me he's sick, so I've decided to take the initiative of taking care of him" I have to hang up the phone because of the faces Niall is making while I'm on the phone. After I hang up I burst out laughing and I can't control it. Niall takes his arm and puts it around me, I adjust my self into his side and notice the people behind us taking pictures. "Don't worry about them, now lets get to that fair" He says looking down at me. "Fair? Oh Niall you don't have to" I begin but he silents me with a "Sh" and we walk down the street. 
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