The First Date

Kayla has been looking for a boyfriend for a while. She's everything a guy wants, but she has such high standards that almost no guy has anything she wants. With the help of speed dating Kayla finds a guy that she might actually be in love with. Will the relationship hold on? Or will he be too much to handle?


3. Whoops.

As soon as we got to his house, we ran for it. I didn't know where it was, where I was going, or even what it looked like. The walls were a blur. Actually, everything was. All I knew was his face, and that we were in a huge room with a white carpet and a king sized bed and a beautiful chandelier. But that's all I could take in. Almost as soon as we got in the room, his shirt came off again, and our lips met. I didn't hesitate this time. We made our way to the bed, and I sat right down on him for a ride. He grabbed my hips and pushed me closer to him, then lifted his hips to get as much of him in me as possible. He was moaning and screaming and thrusting and it all sounded so sexy. He was so sexy. I could do him all day long. 

"Yes! F**k yes get in there! Ohhh yeah mmmm!" 

That was our conversation for the night.

Just as he was about to cum again, we heard a door open from what I thought was the living room. 

"Crap. Get under the bed!" he whispered with a fierceness that made me want him even more. Instead of jumping back on top of him like I wanted, I crawled under the bed. I heard footsteps, and my date (I'd had sex with him twice already and I didn't even know his name) started fake snoring. The door opened a crack and a person I assumed was one of his parents peeked in. They shut the door, and I could hear them say, "He's home, but he's already asleep. I think he had exams today. Makes sense why he's tired." The person that spoke that was someone I assumed was his mom.

All I knew now was, I was naked underneath my date's bed while he was pretending to sleep to cover up the situation, and we were both still extremely horny. And his parents were home.


I was confident I would spend the night under here.


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