The First Date

Kayla has been looking for a boyfriend for a while. She's everything a guy wants, but she has such high standards that almost no guy has anything she wants. With the help of speed dating Kayla finds a guy that she might actually be in love with. Will the relationship hold on? Or will he be too much to handle?


1. The Speed Date


Just let this work.

Hi. My name is Kayla. I'm 17 years old and I live in London. And surprisingly, I'm apparently one of the "hottest" girls in my year. It's only October and I've already been asked out by at least 15 guys. This may seem sort of snobby, but I've turned them all down. It's really not my fault. I just have really high standards and none of the guys in my year seem to fit them. As much as I've gotten asked and asked again, I've tried really hard not to become desperate even though I want to date someone just as much as everyone wants to date me. Luckily, my best friend, Jamie, introduced me to "speed dating".  It's basically where you go to a really fancy place, like a restaurant, and you talk to a guy for about 5 minutes, moving on to the next until you find someone you click with. Once you find that someone, you get to know them and go on a date with them, and whatever happens after that, happens. As I walk into the restaurant, I catch a glimpse of a guy registering for the speed date session tonight. He has brown hair gelled up into a quiff, beautiful blue-green eyes and a smile that would take your breath away. In that moment, all I'm hoping is that his personality is as beautiful as he is.  I can't wait to talk to him tonight. Eventually he notices my staring, and gives me a shy smile. I snap out of it and reply with a flirty wave. I then focus on my own registration. After I'm finished, I'm escorted  to a table and sit down. I'm here early, so I spend the next half hour watching the guys in my age group sign up and line up. Other girls arrive as well. I don't know any of them, but from my guess, they attend the high school on the west side of London. Pretty soon, the speed date starts, and all I'm thinking about is when I'm going to see that guy I was checking out earlier. He had a huge bum, and from the bulge I thought I'd seen, his penis wasn't of a small size either. I wanted him so badly in that moment that it was hard to concentrate. Why can't I just have him?

"I'm sorry?" the guy I was 'talking to' asked.

Crap. I must have said it out loud. 

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking. So you play trumpet?"

I was horrible at acting interested. Luckily, the odds ended up in my favor, and the five minutes ended. We said our goodbyes and moved on to the next candidate. 

The next candidate was him.


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