The First Date

Kayla has been looking for a boyfriend for a while. She's everything a guy wants, but she has such high standards that almost no guy has anything she wants. With the help of speed dating Kayla finds a guy that she might actually be in love with. Will the relationship hold on? Or will he be too much to handle?


2. Him.


Dang it. Even his voice is amazing. And the way he said it. Kind of flirtatious, but friendly. And a hint of something else...maybe seductiveness? God I hope so. Okay, act cool. 

"Hey," I said with a smile. "What's up?"

"Oh, y'know. Looking for a pretty girl like you to take home. How about you?" 



"Waiting for a pretty boy like you to take me home ;)" 

That did it. He stopped the timer and told the lady in charge we were leaving. He took my hand, sprinting for what appeared to be his car. He unlocked it and threw the both of us in the back seat. As soon as we hit the seat, our lips met for the first time. It didn't matter that I barely knew this boy. It didn't matter that I didn't know where he was gonna take me. All I knew was, he was perfect and I was in the back of his car making out with him, listening to him moan and feeling his hands around my back pulling me closer toward him. I started to moan as well, when my hands left his now-mangled hair and made their way to his blue button up. I started undoing the buttons. Once that was off, my hands felt their way up and down his beautiful abs. Eventually, I got a little bored of that, so I became playful and made my hands travel down to his beige chinos. Little by little, I pulled them down along with his boxers, and there it was.

Thank God he had tinted windows. And parked in the far corner of the nearby parking garage. 

"Go ahead. You know you want to." He said in a whisper.

I started slow, attempting to tease him, but got too excited myself and in about ten seconds I was sucking on the biggest, most beautiful penis I've ever seen in my whole life. The more I taste it, the longer and harder it gets. After a while I sit up, and as soon as I do, he tears off all of my clothes. We're both sitting there naked and horny for a second, then suddenly he thrusts into me with what seems like everything he has. It feels so good, I can't help screaming for more. Just when I think it couldn't get any better, he thrusts even harder and faster. I'm losing it. He's perfect. This is perfect. Ohhhh my god. I can't even. This feels so good.  

"HARDER!" I scream. And he shoves everything he has into me, and I lift my hips off the seat trying to fit even more of him into me.  

"I'm gonna cum!" He yelled. He pulled out and laid me down on my back, then came all over me. In my mouth, on my chest, on my stomach. It was everywhere and I loved it. I wanted more. "I'll give you more when we get to my house ;) " And with that, he put his shirt back on, got in the drivers seat, and drove as fast as he could back to his house.

The whole drive, I was thinking about my current situation.

I was completely naked, and just had amazing sex with the most perfect guy on the whole planet. I was covered in his cum in the backseat of his car on the way to his house for more. I pulled out my phone and told Jamie to drive my car back to my house, cause I wasn't coming back to get it. Thank god she didn't ask questions. K, back to situation thinking. What is my life right now? All my life I'd wanted to be someone else.

And right now there's no one else I'd rather be.

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