I was sitting in Zayn's car resting on his shoulder while his head was on mine and I felt perfect and completely at ease and then I started to think of what we had just done, I missed 3 lesson's for a kiss and was probably getting into serious trouble with the headmaster tomorrow, something I thought wouldn’t happen, I wasn't like this, this person wasn't me, but was this person a happier me?, I was happy with Zayn, happier than I’ve been in a long time and something about getting in trouble today made me want to do it, I liked the rush it give me.


3. my number


I'm not sure why I kissed her, I didn't even like her did I? I ran out of the school doors trying to catch up with Kathleen but she was already gone and out of sight, I scratched my head and walked to my car, I climbed in and drove home, I was just going to miss the rest of the day.

I drove home and went straight to my room, my phone buzzed and it was a text from an unknown number

~sorry I ran off  it was Kathleen how did she get my number

~s'ok how'd you get my number I text her back

~one of my friends had it and I asked for it so they give it to me

~and why did you want my number I text with a smile on my face it made me happy known that she wanted my number

~I am your tutor I imagined her voice while she said that, she would say it like she was talking to a small child

~good point so when do you want to tutor me

~today 6 ill meet you at your house

~do you know where I live?

~doesn't everyone?

~good point

and with that the conversation was left, I began to get excited she would be here in 4 hours, I got changed into black skinny jeans and a plain white top with short sleeves and a black leather jacket, I sprayed some lynx all over me and went to tidy the house a bit,, it was just me that lived here, I moved out of my parents’ house last year after I got in a fight with my sister

I put a movie on lockout and feel asleep half way through it when I heard a knock on the door that woke me, I was in a daze and opened the door without thinking about who it could be

"Hello" I said not really looking at who was there

"Your cute when your just awake" she replied and I snapped straight out of whatever daze I was in and smiled while inviting her in

I sat down on the sofa and patted the seat next to me gesturing for her to sit down and she did

"So what are we studying today" I asked her because I didn't see any books or a bag big enough to hold any in it

"Why did you kiss me?" she asked

"Why did you run away?" I asked back not knowing the answer to her question

"I asked you first" she replied

"And I asked you second" I said with my head bowed

"Just answer my question" she demanded

"I'm really not sure, I just amm seen my chance and I went for it" I said scratching my head

"I ran away because it felt right and I didn't like it, I didn't want it to feel right but it did" she said blushing and I had to admit it did feel right, I leaned over and kissed her again, she wrapped her arms around my neck and played with my hair while my hands travelled up her t-shirt and onto the bare skin of her back

I went to undo her bra when she slapped my hand away and broke away from the kiss

"Goodbye" she said as she lifted her stuff and walked out I hoped she wasn't going to run away every time I kissed her because it was going to happen a lot

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