I was sitting in Zayn's car resting on his shoulder while his head was on mine and I felt perfect and completely at ease and then I started to think of what we had just done, I missed 3 lesson's for a kiss and was probably getting into serious trouble with the headmaster tomorrow, something I thought wouldn’t happen, I wasn't like this, this person wasn't me, but was this person a happier me?, I was happy with Zayn, happier than I’ve been in a long time and something about getting in trouble today made me want to do it, I liked the rush it give me.


28. move

I was going to kill him, how could he make my sister that upset? I would never do that to Kat. I was driving and pulling out of the drive way when Kat jumped in front of the car, she was staring at me with beautiful wide eyes, she knew I would never hurt her and this was her only way to stop me, I sighed and stopped the car.

"Kat move" I said trying to keep my calm with her

"Stop driving" she said calming back

"No Kat I'm sorry but I'm going to kill him" I said my voice getting a little louder

"Ok fine" she said moving from the front of the car and jumping in the passenger side

"what are you doing?" I asked her rolling my eyes

"I'm not letting you do, especially not alone" she said putting her seatbelt on

"But I can't let you see me like that" I said pleading her with my eyes to get out "and why do you care so much?" I asked her taking my anger out on her a bit, I knew it was wrong and that she did nothing to me.

"Zayn baby I don't want to lose you" she told me taking my hand in hers and kissing it, my heart melted right there and then, I grabbed her face and passionately, I felt her smile and I did too.

"I'll not kill him" I told her driving off with her in the car

"then where are you going?" she asked confused

"I'm going to talk to him" I said ginning at her

"Just don't hurt him too much" she said settling into her seat and I had to smile again.

*Authors Note*

hey guys read that should be me and happy ending my other movellas and also i cant update for another week :(


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