I was sitting in Zayn's car resting on his shoulder while his head was on mine and I felt perfect and completely at ease and then I started to think of what we had just done, I missed 3 lesson's for a kiss and was probably getting into serious trouble with the headmaster tomorrow, something I thought wouldn’t happen, I wasn't like this, this person wasn't me, but was this person a happier me?, I was happy with Zayn, happier than I’ve been in a long time and something about getting in trouble today made me want to do it, I liked the rush it give me.


25. Harry's date

Tonight was the night I was taking Sarah on a date, I hadn't stopped texting and calling her for the past week and I felt fine doing it but now that I was actually going to take her out I was nervous.

I was in my room looking for an outfit not sure if I should dress casually nice or nice nice, I decided on casually nice and put on black skinny jeans, a white top, a light blue blazer and white all stars.

I didn't fix my hair I just flicked it a bit and then walked out the door to my car to go pick up Sarah, she only lived a five minute walk away, when I got there I had flowers for her and knocked her door, she looked beautiful wearing black and white stripped leggings with black high heels and a black top, her hair curly and she wore red lipstick, I handed her the flowers and she smiled setting them on a table inside her hallway after she had sniffed them.

"you look beautiful" I told her smiling and taking her hand while we walked to the car

"thanks" she said really quietly while she blushed and looked down

"any time" I told her causing her to smile and then smiling myself just because she was

We got in the car and played 21 questions like 'do you have any pets?' where are you from? 'brothers or sisters?' and other stuff we drove for twenty minutes before we pulled up to 'MO's grill' I loved to eat here but didn't do it very often.

We walked inside hand in hand, I would catch her smiling at me and then looking down when she knew I had seen her.

"Wow Harry this is beautiful" she said as we walked in and were brought to a seat, I just smiled at her sitting down

We both ordered and then she started to flick things at me, I was going to like this girl, she wasn't too mature and didn't take herself too seriously

"do you play any instruments?" I asked her as we were walking out

"yeah I play guitar and piano" she said smiling at me, wow she play guitar and piano, I loved her already

We arrived at Sarah's house and I stopped the car to let her out

"want to come in?" she asked me looking nervous for my answer, I wanted to but I also wanted to be a gentleman so I turned her down

"I'm sorry but I want to be a gentleman" I said laughing and she smiled at me

"ok" she said still laughing

When I thought she was going to leave she turned around and smashed her lips to mine

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