I was sitting in Zayn's car resting on his shoulder while his head was on mine and I felt perfect and completely at ease and then I started to think of what we had just done, I missed 3 lesson's for a kiss and was probably getting into serious trouble with the headmaster tomorrow, something I thought wouldn’t happen, I wasn't like this, this person wasn't me, but was this person a happier me?, I was happy with Zayn, happier than I’ve been in a long time and something about getting in trouble today made me want to do it, I liked the rush it give me.


32. dont use her as a rebound

I went to bed known that Doniya was in the room beside me, Zayn had made her stay and I just craved her more. I didn't regret kissing her and I would do it again. I wanted more with Doniya like a relationship but would he think it was too soon? Was she even single?

I woke up and everyone was downstairs talking and laughing, I heard Doniya's voice above everyone else's and I'm not sure how because she was so quiet.

I walked down and Doniya smiled at me then she mouthed "Your cute when your tired" and then winked looking away as if nothing had happened.

I heard a knock at the door and went to answer it, there was a boy that I have never seen before

"Hello" I said confused

"Hey is Doniya there?" he asked looking hopeful and I had a rough idea who this was, Zac Doniya's boyfriend or ex or whatever he was, but he was still the one who hit her the other day.

"umm sure... Doniya" I said and called looking behind me to Doniya in the kitchen, she smiled and walked out, he mouth feel open and she looked confused, pain showed in her eyes as she looked at the guy in front of her.

"Hey babe" Zac smiled

"What are you doing here?" Doniya nearly spat at him

"I've come to apologise" he said smiling, Doniya's face lit up

"Really?" she asked, this made me sick, Zac was still making Doniya happy, how? That should be me to make her happy.

I made a disgusted look and went to walk away, when Doniya grabbed my arm pulling me back

"stay" she said and I nodded, Zac looked shocked as Doniya smiled at me and all I wanted to do was kiss her.

"Well I'm sorry wont happen again" Zac said while he walked away and I laughed at him

Doniya smiled at me and leaned in whispering into my ear

"I missed you" she said and my heart fluttered

"you don't know me" I whispered back

"I still want you" she said and I felt complete she did feel the same

I leaned in and kissed her, I held her waist while she wrapped her arms around my neck, my hands rubbed up and down her waist and then "jump" I whispered into her ear, she did as I asked and I was carrying her, still kissing

"What the hell" I heard a voice that was all too familiar shout, I didn't have to turn around to know who it was

"Zayn I..I..I.." I trailed off not knowing what to say, I could say I was sorry because I really wasn't, and I couldn't tell him I wouldn't do it again because I knew I would.

"YOU WHAT?" he screamed

"Zayn don't" Doniya said while we let go of each other, when she was on the ground, I thought that she would walk away but she didn't, she stayed and held my hand.

Kat walked out then followed by the others, great just what I needed. Not.

"Zayn I'm not sorry and I cant say it wont happen again" I said looking at Doniya

"same Zayn but I'm sorry I didn't tell you yesterday" Doniya said and I smiled at her, we would so work

"IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY" Zayn shouted again

"Yeah it did" I said Zayn calmed down a bit and the anger was gone from his eyes

"Liam don't use her as a rebound" Zayn said and I was shocked that he felt so low of me

"Zayn I wouldn't" I told him and he seemed to go back to normal

"Will someone please tell us what's going on?" Kat said looking at Zayn

"Liam and I kissed and I want to be more than friends" Doniya said and I smiled so much, everyone else had a weary look

"Doniya will you be m girlfriend?" I asked hoping she would say yes because it would be awkward if she didn't

"Of course Liam" she said wrapping her arms around me while I hugged her

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