I was sitting in Zayn's car resting on his shoulder while his head was on mine and I felt perfect and completely at ease and then I started to think of what we had just done, I missed 3 lesson's for a kiss and was probably getting into serious trouble with the headmaster tomorrow, something I thought wouldn’t happen, I wasn't like this, this person wasn't me, but was this person a happier me?, I was happy with Zayn, happier than I’ve been in a long time and something about getting in trouble today made me want to do it, I liked the rush it give me.


34. Break

Kat started to flutter her eyes open as I was getting changed, she smiled when she saw me and then she looked confused

"your going out?" she asked stretching

"Yeah baby, I have some stuff to do today" I told her as I finished pulling my jeans on

"oh, when will you be back?" she asked and it broke my heart knowing that I was lying to her

"I dunno baby, but I really have to go" I said walking over and kissing her forehead while she looked away from me

I grabbed the bag I had already packed with my gym stuff and headed out the door to the gym.

When I got there I saw a few familiar faces, ones I didn't like and some that I did. I saw John and wondered what he was doing

"Oh hey Zayn what are you doing here?" he asked in a sarcastic tone

"You know why I'm here" I growled back, making him laugh

"oh yeah, that's right, I do" he said chuckling

I rolled my eyes, shock my head and walked away

"Zayn what are you doing here?" I heard a voice asked, a voice I haven't heard in months

"Cane" I said turning around and giving him a smile, Cane used to train with me

"why are you here? he asked walking over and smiling at me

"John made me fight" I said

"What? no one makes you do anything" he said looking confused

"He said he would tell Kat why I really left home if I didn't" I said

"so she's just a girl right?" he asked confused again

"No I don't think she is just a girl" I said remembering Kat

"What? Zayns falling in love" Cane said, disbelieve on his face

"I'm going to train" I said walking away avoiding his last statement, was I really in love with Kat?, yeah I was, Kat meant the world to me and that's why I was doing this fight.

*Kat's POV*

Why did Zayn just leave like that? and why was he being secretive about it? I thought we told each other everything, I know what the problem is, I feel too hard for Zayn and he isn't ready to catch me.

He was tongue tied over three words, cursed, he didn't want to love me or else he just didn't love me

I heard a knock on the door and then in walked Niall

"Oh hey Niall" I said smiling at him and trying to forget my train of thought

"Hey Kat" he smiled coming over and sitting on the end of the bed, I suddenly felt awkward

"Did you want something?" I asked him trying to sound calm and natural, but I was still thinking, what was I doing with Zayn?, he didn't love me

"Yeah I wanted to see if you would take Sarah and Ashalee out?" he asked, he looked so cute, there was no way I could have said no

"Sure" I said and he smiled

I don't know what I'm doing, I probably wont even be here long enough for me to get to know them, if Zayn doesn't love me, I cant stay with him

"When"? I asked

"Amm today?" he asked sounding hopeful and again I said

"Sure" making him smile bigger

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" he said hugging me, while I giggled at his childishness, I would always be friends with the boys even if I did break up with Zayn.

Niall left me to go get ready while he called Ashalee and told Harry to call Sarah, we were going shopping so I wore skinny jeans, a sweat shirt with 79 written on it and black converse, I then put my hair up and walked down stairs to tell the boys I was ready if they wanted to get the girls over, but they were already there.

*Zayn's POV*

I was done with the gym for the day and all I really thought about was Kat, her smile, her laugh, he voice, everything about her.

I walked home and through my gym bag in a cupboard under the stairs

I walked into the living room, Sarah and Ashalee were here with as well, all the girl were sitting with shopping bags in front of them and I smiled, Kat must have been trying to get to know the girls better.

"Zayn can I talk to you?" Kat asked while she grabbed my hand and walked out before I could answer

"Zayn I think we should break up" she said getting straight to the point

"What? Why?" I asked confused, I felt like my heart was breaking and I knew I was close to tears

"It's for the best" she said walking out the door before I could even ask her where she would go

*A week later*

Niall and the rest of the boys have been going to see Kat at her friends house where she was staying, but I couldn't leave my bed, I had my fight three days ago and I won, I'm not sure how? all I could think about was Kat

I heard a knock on my door and then Harry walked in

"Zayn Kat's been feeling down lately, she's not herself" he said walking over to sit on my bed

"She broke up with me" I said emotionless

"You cant tell her I told you, but she broke up with you because she thinks you don't love her, and I know you do, so Zayn you have to go fix it" he said pleading me

What he said broke my heart, how could Kat think I didn't love her? I knew where she was staying from the boys and without thinking I shot out of bed and ran down the street to the house she was staying at, hoping to fix things, I had a surprise in my pocket, a present I bought for he last week but never got a chance to give it to her.

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