Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


1. Your just my drunk friend

(Last Night) 

"Niall your not dying." I laughed sitting across from him on his bathroom floor making him eat saltine crackers. He was miserably drunk. He held his liquor well but today was my birthday so we had partied hard. I didn't drink much though. "I'm never drinking again Jules." I laughed at him and handed him his eight cracker. "I don't believe that. Irishmen don't go completely sober." He made a weird face and turned to the side puking into the toilet. I handed him the cranberry juice to down the taste and the water to hydrate himself. I looked at the clock on my phone and saw it was 1:36 in the morning . "I'm officially 20." Niall looked at me sadly as he took another cracker out of my hand. "I'm sorry you had to spend your first night as a 19 year old takin care of me." He popped the cracker into his mouth and sat back. "Thats how I know your still really drunk. Sober Niall would know I'd spend time taking care of him all day on my birthday if I had too. Your my bestfriend. Drunk or not."  I flashed him a really big, teeth showing smile and he laughed.  It was silent for a split second until he said "Can I tell you something Juliet?" I nodded serious. He rarely said my real name. He always called me Jules. He sounded so much like a man whenever he said my full name. His voice got so deep. "Of course Niall." He Tired to get up but held his head in pain puking into the toilet again. I handed him the juice and water. He looked at me for a second. "I love you." My eyes widened and I looked at him starstruck and then laughed loudly. "Your drunk Niall. We're just friends."  I knew he was being crazy. Yes Niall loved me but not like that, not in an affectionate way. He would have told me in the past two years I've known him. "Yes I am drunk, but tomorrow I'll be sober and I'll still love you. We will probably still be just friends because I won't remember this. But you will." He stopped talking and puked again. It just reminded me he was as drunk as a dog and didn't understand what he was saying. We were just friends and that's the way he liked it.


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