Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


3. Mesmerized

"Roll up your mats please. Don't forget to steady your breathing for Thursday everyone." I helped a few new comers correctly roll up their mats before gathering my own items. It was drizzling outside when I walked out to my car.  I had guitar lessons today with Niall. Ever since I was a little girl I would become mesmerized  at the sight of someone playing the acoustic guitar. The first time I saw Niall do it I couldn't believe I knew someone with such talent. About two months ago I finally gained the courage to ask him to teach me. He didn't hesitate to oblige. August wasn't extremely caught into the wonders of a guitar and doesn't understand why I like it so much. You can imagine me spending an hour or so at Nialls house every other week didn't strike him as wonderful. It took some persuading with him.  Me and August love each other and are happiest together. But I feel that Niall understands me more. August would sometimes get angry, sad, irritated, or stubborn based on actions or words I said and Niall has yet to do such a thing. But in the end I need someone who is going to have emotions good or bad toward me , makes me feel like the affection is real and not just a figment of imagination. I pulled into Nialls driveway and turned off my cars egnition. It had turned into a hard pour and I had ironically managed to leave my umbrella at home though August told me it would rain today. I opened my car and dashed to Niall's door, using the spare key hey gave me to unlock it. I threw my purse on the dining room table and turned on the light. His car was outside but there was no sign of him being home. "Niall?"  It was quiet for a second until I heard the chords of Viva La Vida being played upstairs. I tiptoed to his room not wanting to disturb him. When I got to his room the door was cracked so I slipped in silently without him noticing. He sat in the corner ,eyes focused on the guitar chords. He looked so focused and I couldn't help but intentionally smile. He was my best friend and seeing him happy was a great thing. He was just so passionate at his work and I loved nothing more than watching someone talk about or do something they loved. Such as Niall Playing the Guitar. His fingers slipped ever so slightly causing him to miss a chord. He cussed under his breath. "That was beautiful Niall." He looked up at me spooked and then at the clock located on his bedside. "I lost track of time practicing before you came. Sorry." I walked over to him and sat down on his perfectly made bed. "It's fine Niall, I still can't thank you enough for teaching me." He shrugged and handed me the guitar. "It's my pleasure. How about you play me Little Things." I smiled and positioned myself correctly. It was the second song he had taught me since I found it so beautiful. It was just a plus he knew the song by heart. I looked up at him momentarily before looking back down toward my hands and began playing. After the first fifteen seconds I could feel his eyes on me as I began to relax into the song, slightly closing my eyes. I heard him humming the song along with me and I opened my eyes to look at him. He wasn't looking at my hands though, he was looking at my face very intently. Our eyes met for a split second and my hand slipped causing me to hit a G chord instead of the needed E chord. We both pulled away and he licked his lips. "That's a E chord, just practice and we can try again next time. How about you play me Smoke On the Water so you don't forget." He looked out the window and I noticed the creases  under his eyes. "Are you alright Niall? Is there something bothering you?" He didn't turn to me at all. "Niall?" I strummed on the guitar loudly and he looked at me. "I'm sorry what?" I went to say something but heard my phone ring and felt the vibration of my cell phone in my back pocket. I reached for it knowing who it was. "Hey babe." I heard August's voice through the phone and couldn't help but smile. "Hey, whats up?" I looked up and saw Niall looking back out the window bewildered. I whispered his name and he looked at me again. "What was that?" I heard August ask while I continued staring at Niall's face for a clue on what was bothering him. "Not you August, I was talking to Niall." I heard him sigh heavily with the sounds of pots and pans in the background. "That's where you are, I forgot about that. Can't you come home now. Dinner is almost done and yours is gonna be cold." I looked over at Niall intently and he smiled but it wasn't a voluntarily happy smile. "I can't come home right now. I'll be home in like an hour." August said something but Niall distracted me by jumping out of his chair. "No , I'm not feeling well. Still a little hangover sickness. You should go home to August. I ruined  last night for you two anyways." I hung up disregarding to say goodbye. "You did not ruin anyone's night Niall. I had a hilarious night watching you." He looked at me angrily but then his expression disappeared as quickly as it came. "No ok Juliet. I can't do this tonight. Not again Please go home." I stood up and flattened his bed I had slightly messed up. "Do what? Play the guitar?" He laughed slightly and opened the door. "I love the guitar Juliet. Sometimes I just get tired of watching you play with it. Just leave alright." 

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