Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


10. Just dance

It's been a week since I have seen Niall. Today Liam and Him are Coming over to help August and I pack. I just wore some sweats and a tank top that had "Like A Boss" written across it. Liam bought it for me on my birthday. The last birthday we spent as best friends. Right before he started going out with Danielle. "I think they are here Juliet!" August yelled from downstairs as I packed up our guest bedroom. "Well let them in, I'm coming down." I sat the pillow on the bed and quickly scurried downstairs. When I got down there August was greeting Niall. I walked over and hugged Liam. "I like your shirt." He said while smiling when I pulled away. I rolled my eyes and turned to Niall. His feelings had been dwelling on me but today he looked very joyful. "How was you're brothers wedding?" I asked as we pulled away from each other. He shrugged but the smile never left his face. "Great. I always enjoy seeing my brother. He was extremely happy at the wedding."  I was overwhelmed to see him completely happy for the first time since he has found out I am leaving to Australia. "Ok So one of you can help Juliet upstairs and the other help me down here." Niall instantly came closer to me before Liam could even contemplate what had happened. Liam looked at me and then at Niall. "I guess I'll help you August. Be nice to catch up." August gave me a quick kiss and then him and Liam went into the entertainment room to continue packing. Niall glided past me and I clumsily followed him up the stairs. "Ok we just have to pack up the guest room bed set and then we can do my room." Niall nodded and walked into the familiar room he had spent countless nights in before August. He picked up the pillows and packed them into the box with the blankets. "How do we do this? I don't know how to take a bed apart." I laughed a little and grabbed his wrist leading him out of the room. "August is gonna do that." He scoffed behind me quietly but is till heard it. We walked into my room that I had just cleaned yesterday. "Let's do this." I let go of Niall's wrist and ran over to my iPod dock that had my phone on it. I turned on pandora to popular hits and Pit-bull blared through my room. Niall laughed and picked up a box. He threw my makeup stuff in it and all the other junk located on the dresser. We packed up the little things here and there while dancing to the beat of the music. When I got to my closet "C'mon C'mon" By One direction themselves came on. I cracked a smile looking over at Niall who looked right back at me and laughed. I sat the pillow on the ground and danced over to him. "Let's dance." He shook his head and set the box he was holding down. "If you insist." He grabbed my hands and we both started to jump around. He let go and started to do the sprinkler. I reacted with the original lawnmower and combination of pat the dog, screw the lightbulb. The both of us couldn't contain our laughter until Niall tripped over a box taking me down with him. We both laid on the ground, me on top of him. It was awkward at first until I started to laugh which made him laugh. I hit his chest with my head and could feel myself almost crying of laughter. "Oh my gosh your such an idiot Niall." I tried to stop and catch a breath until I noticed Niall wasn't laughing anymore. He was looking at me very concentrated. "Niall?" I propped my head up off of his chest concerned. "What is going on?" I knew the voice immediately and I rolled off of Niall. I jumped up as Niall slowly got up himself. I looked to see August standing in the doorway and Liam smirking behind him. "Nothing August. We were just dancing to one of their songs and we feel.. On eachother." I said the last part slowly and quietly. August raised his eyebrows and glared at Niall. "Slow reaction on getting up huh?" I went to say something but Niall stepped forward. "I'm sorry August I didn't mean to bring her down with me. After it happened though I found it amusing and instead of getting up I laughed which of course made her laugh. We forgot our position all together." Niall looked at him innocently and August just nodded. "We'll you should watch where you're going , The both of you." There seemed to be an awkaward silence as he looked at both me and Niall angrily. Of course Liam stepped in to the rescue. "Come on August it was nothing. There clumsy people. Let's go take apart the bed like we came up here to do." I wasn't really listening though after the first sentence. All I could see was Niall and I laughing like we used to. More than we ever have before. And all I heard  was Liam's voice in the back of my head "Oh my god you love Niall?"

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