Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


7. Goodnight

(Nialls POV)

  My chest rose and fell quickly as I laid in bed. I hadn't spoken a word since I left Juliet's house. Jules is my best friend, the girl I have always cared for and trusted my life with. I guess I've always loved her. Always. But being in love is hard when the corresponding person doesn't feel the same. I haven't asked Jules. Never have and never will. She's happy with August and her happiness is all that I can really ask for. It hurts a little knowing she picks him over me. I guess the whole time I thought even though she wasn't really mine she still loved me more. The bond between friends is unbreakable and relationships end all the time. But that's just what I told myself. She does choose August over me. It's exactly what she has chosen to do. I won't stand in the way of her leaving with him. But I refuse to happily watch. I will not sit here for the next few months and watch her leave me with a smile on my face. I need to isolate myself. As soon as she told me I knew I needed to. So I didn't pick her up and crash my lips into hers begging her not to leave. I can't do that because this isn't a romance novel, it's real life and people don't do that in real life. They don't do everything they want. I know that I'm not the only person loosing her, all her friends are but she's different to me. I find her somewhat irreplaceable. I almost want to help Liam with it. He won't even be able to show his sadness, despite the fact I know he really does still think of her as a wonderful friend. My cell phone rang again and I stuffed it under my pillow. She kept calling, I knew it was her. Then my house phone rang and I let it go to my answering machine like the other four times. I just listened to her voice. "Hey Niall, it's August." I sat up and looked at my answering machine. "I know your disappointed about us moving and don't really want to talk about it. Loosing people close to you can be hard dude. I know you really care for Juliet man. But she's just sitting on the couch all depressed refusing to come to bed because she thinks you hate her to much. Just Pick up man. For her." I reached for the phone quickly right after heavily sighing. "August?" I felt sick when I said his name. He was taking her away from my life, but she chose to go with him so it's not really his fault he makes her happy. "Hey can I talk to her." I heard some movement and then crying. "Oh Juliet, don't cry please. I didn't want you to think I hate you. I don't, I just hate that your moving. I hate it a lot because I'm just so used to hanging out and seeing you a lot. You can go though because it's your choice and I don't want to stand in your way of anything. I want you to be happy and if Australia is where you'll be happy then go Jules. Go with August, he needs you and you need him." The last part hurt a little but I knew it was true so I didn't regret saying it. Everything I said was true. I was sad and personally didn't  want her to go, but if she is going to go either way then I want her to leave happily."  She sniffled a little and I heard her try to clear her throat but when she talked she sounded so young and fragile since she'd been crying. "Niall, your not in my way. I don't want to leave you either but I think its what I need to do. I just was worried when you left. I didn't know what to do." A smile tugged at the edges of my lips. She was so adorable sometimes. "Than do what you need to do , whatever is on the most important level ok. I'll support you as best as I can Jules." I heard August ask her to come to bed in the background. But she said no. "Hey Jules. Go to bed. I know after crying your eyes want some rest. Go to bed and sleep on it ok. You'll fell better about the choice tomorrow." I was hoping she didn't but I knew she would. She would get over leaving me for him. "Ok, Goodnight Niall." She made a little kiss sound making me chuckle slightly. I wanted to say "I love you", but I settled for "Goodnight" because love means falling and shes already halfway down with someone else. 
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