Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


6. Far from over

I smiled slightly at the sight of Niall. I moved out of the way so he could enter my house. August had just left for work happily after I told him I would go to Australia with him. "Hey Jules, I'm still sorry about the other night. I wasn't feeling well." I shrugged and sat down on the couch before Niall plopped down next to me. "Its fine. I can never stay mad at you." I said it sarcastically and made an ugly face. He laughed a little and I loved it. August didn't laugh much as humor wasn't his thing. Niall's laugh made me want to laugh. He looked so young when he laughed. I could only imagine August's laugh. "Niall do you like August?" He stopped laughing and pursed his lips. "I don't hate him." That's good but not what I wanted him to say. "Do you think he's a good guy?" Niall looked at me strangely and shifted uncomfortably. "Don't you have a female friend to talk to about this?" I looked at him stubbornly and he sighed. "August is a fine guy Jules. He really loves you." I smiled and hit him with a pillow. "You think so?" He rolled his eyes and stood up. "I hate you, are we going or not?" I had planned to help Niall pick out some clothes for his brothers wedding today. "I just have to tell you one thing ok." He grabbed my wrist and my purse that sat on the table. Then he began to pull me out of the house. I didn't move. "Niall seriously." He turned and looked at me. He got close and then grabbed my waist throwing me over his shoulder. I stopped saying his name in fear to distract him and possibly cause him to drop me. When we got out side and he closed my front door he set me down. I backed away quickly almost tripping over my own feet. He had a look of ultimate humor plastered in his face. "Don't do that to me when I'm trying to say something. Scared me." He shrugged and handed me my purse. I snatched it away from him. "Calm down Jules. It was just for fun. When was the last time you did something fun other than on your birthday?" He began to walk to his car. "Wait Niall seriously I need to tell you something." He continued to walk toward his car, causing me to follow. "Ask me on the way there." I stopped and bit my lip while taking in a breath. "Do you love me Niall?" I said it very loud and clear while watching him freeze in front of me. "What?" He turned around looking shocked. "Do you love me? Am I your best friend?" His face immediately changed to normal. Looking more relaxed and relieved. "Yes Jules. Your my best friend I love you very much." He said it but somewhat sad but I ignored it. "So you really want me to be the happiest I can be right. No matter what that means I have to do?" He furrowed his eyebrows and shrugged. "I mean.. I guess your happiness is my happiness. Why?" He began to walk toward me but I backed away with each step he took forward. "I made a really big choice that might hurt some people I care about  but in the long run Will makes me happier than if I didn't choose to do it." He stopped walking and smiled. "You quit you're job didn't you? We I mean it is Your life right. A job is-" I interrupted him and his stupid rambling. "Niall!" He stopped talking and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Thats not it is it?" I shook my head and smiled sympathetically. "I'm moving to Australia with August. He has to go there for work." His smiled completely vanished . The suspenseful atmosphere had just become blank. "What?" his voice cracked a little and he sounded so much younger like when I first met him. "Niall I have to. It's only for a year and a half. You can always come visit and I'll visit you. You have so many other friends. I just need to do this." He didn't say anything but just turned around and walked to his car. I watched him from the back until he went to open his car door and turned back to me. "Best of luck with that. Australia is a nice place." Then he started his car and drove off. When he was away, his car no longer visible I knew the worst part was over. I had told Niall and that was all the pain I had to face. But it wasn't. It was far from over. 

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