Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


4. Australia

"Relax babe, I'm sure Niall's not mad at you." August massaged my neck as I slid on some pajama bottoms and put my hair up. "He was, he made the stupidest excuse ever. He was tired of watching me play it. Like what the hell does that mean?" I pulled away from him and angrily stomped to my bed. He came in and just kind a looked at me. "Not tonight August. I'm just so ugh..!" He turned the light off and in a few seconds I felt his weight come down upon the bed. His arm slid around my waist and I scooted a little closer to him. "Hey Juliet?" I stared angrily into the darkness before me. "What?" It came out a little more harsh than I had intended it to. "How come this one silly thing makes you so mad? He just didn't want to hang out. He let you come home to me early." August's voice was soft and slow making me take in his every word. "I don't know August. Its just always been really simple to hang out with Niall. Like a little piece of my life that hasn't changed in the past two years . I mean like, my parents got divorced, my sister and brother both got married. I got new co-workers , heck even you and you're work sending you everywhere whenever. I just cant have Niall change too. Too much change drives me crazy." He sighed next to me and squeezed me a little tighter before kissing my shoulder. "Im sorry about my work babe and hate to put this on you right now but Uhm..." He paused and I could feel his hands shaking over mine. "August, just tell me." I kissed his arm making him relax a little. "I know you have a job and friends like Niall here so you don't have to come with me but I've been transferred to   Sydney Australia." I stiffened and he knew because he pulled away. "What do you mean Transferred?" I already knew but really didn't want it to be true. "There having me move there for about a year and a half to work on a few buildings. There are a lot of architectural openings they got me there." I pressed my face into my pillow in hope to just suffocate myself but yeah, that didn't work. "August why? Tell them you can't go. Make them take it back so we can stay. I'm absolutely not moving away with you." I sat up and looked at him. Even though it was dark I could see the out line of his face and hazel eyes looking at me. "Just think about it. You could still be a personal yoga trainer there. You could make new friends." He turned around and I just saw the back of his head while he laid down now. Make new friends? Yes that would be easy but it wouldn't be Niall. That can't be my only point though,  it would be like saying I choose Niall over August and I can't say that just as much as I can't move to Australia. 

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