Love On Different Levels

He loves her and she loves him but not on the same level. She's happy right now and he doesnt plan on running it


2. August

I sat in my dinning room eating breakfast. " He was so drunk though I swear. Didn't even know what he was saying." August nodded across from me. "Niall's something huh?" His voice wasn't very enthusiastic when he said it. I knew he didn't really enjoy when I spoke of Niall. "Why don't you like him?" August shrugged and glided over to me his shaggy brown hair fitting perfectly around his prominent face. "He is a fine man Juliet, but I feel like you turn to him for more than you do me." I sat my fork down and stood up to met his glare. He wrapped his arms around me and I returned the gesture. He was far taller than me at the height of 6"4" and that just made me love his hugs more. He always smelled great too. "You know I love you August. Niall doesn't live with me does he?" He chuckled and I felt the movement in his chest. "No, gratefully. I don't know if I would enjoy having to make breakfast for the boy." I was amused when he called Niall a boy. I guess to August he still was. August was 22, about three years older than me and four years older than Niall. I picked my plate up off the table and he took it from me, carrying it to the kitchen. I wrapped my arms his waist and kissed his bare back. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for work babe?" He asked while washing the newly used dishes. I groaned and pulled away. "I don't want to go to work. I want to stay home with you. I never got my second present last night because I was at Niall's" I knew he was still a little disappointed about that. He turned around and bent down giving me a peck on the lips. "Go to work, we can do that anytime when you get home. Multiple times if you'd like." He laughed and I pushed him back a little. "I hate yoga." I said as I walked toward the stairs. August yelled after me. "Don't lie you love your job." And he was right. I loved being a yoga instructor. I got to wear comfortable clothes to work, stay fit, get paid well, and meet new people at the gym everyday. As a matter of fact that's where I met Niall. The boys had dared him to take a yoga class and I addresses him multiple times about how terrible he was. He asked for my number and we became best friends even though that wasn't the intention. But two years ago we weren't the same. I met August differently , You could say I met him more romantically. While running a breast cancer marathon A year ago I sponsored  a woman who happened to be August's mother. He ran with me and we raised enough money to save his mother together. That was a year ago and now we are living with each other. Niall and August are both the most important men in my life and I love them but on different levels. Sadly they don't get along and I still cant understand why.

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