Wingless (On Hold)

Alora sent to the human realm as a child has no memory of her life as a Fae, Believed to be the one who can save them all she is sent back to her home only to find nothing is as it seems. Someone is trying to kill of the Fae monarch and rule the land themselves. With her new friends behind her can she come to terms with her destiny and be the person everyone needs her to be?

Rissa Marie& Caitie Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter two: New

Alice's POV:



            It couldn’t have been him. He was back home. He couldn’t be here. There was no way. But as I remembered back to Lit class, there he stood. He was so different but the same. It made my heart throb in my chest. I remembered crying. Alora had asked me what was wrong; I just said he reminded me someone. There was no way. I would have to make a quick cover. He didn’t remember me, that I was sure of. He had seen me in nightmares and dreams, but he didn’t know who I was. He probably just thought he was crazy. Maybe he was. Maybe I was.



Spirit's POV:



          I stood at the end of the hallway, shaking. I saw the two girls run out. The one I was here for, Alora, and her friend. Her friend had sent me over the edge. Mary-Anne had promised me those dreams were nothing. The people in them didn’t exist. But there she stood, clear as day. She had been right there in my reach. She was always there in my dreams, but I never thought reality could hurt so much. How could this girl, a part of a dream, be real? She always would hold my hand after the fire and tell me it was okay. Tell me she was there and no one could hurt us. It wasn’t the fire that had scared me though. It was I. The power that surged through me, the power that had enough force to kill the people in that house. The fire that burned in my veins, even now.

          Who was she?

          I paced up and down the length of the short hallway. I was on a mission, I couldn’t just chicken out over some girl. But the image of the other girl, Alora, she was burned into my mind. Maybe that had something to do with my mission? It was doubtful though. I had been on many missions. That had never happened before. And I felt a strong need. A need to be near her. To follow and make sure she was okay. Which was a good idea. I did have to win her over.

          She had to trust me.

          But how long could I keep up my act with this other girl around so much? It would be impossible, especially if I wanted to scream, cry, and rip my hair out all at once if I got near her. I would have to avoid her friend. Just keep to Alora. That was all I needed to do. It would be simple. Easy as breathing.

          Well, that was hard to do sometimes to...

          Bad comparison...

          I shook my head. “Just stick to the plan!” I told myself grabbing at my hair. I looked up to see a small brunette girl staring over at me in wonder. I cleared my throat and gave her my best charming smile. “Sorry, I talk to myself when I get off task.”

          Her hesitation turned into a smile. “That's alright. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop or anything.”

          I shook my head holding up my hand. “It's just that, it's my first day and I still haven’t made any friends as I had planned. And I've gotten lost, like, a lot. That wasn’t part of Plan A.”

          She smiled down at the ground, giggling as her pulse quickened a bit. “Well, hey, don’t worry. There's twenty five more letters in the Alphabet. Maybe Plan B will go better. I’m Trish. Let me be the first to welcome you here. You're going to love it. And you will make a ton of new friends. You're a cool guy.”

          “Thank you and it was nice to meet you, Trish. My name is Spirit.”

          “Wow, that's an awesome name!”

          “It's unique. My mother named me it, though, I'm not sure why,” I said easily. “Hey, do you happen to know where 124 is? Lit class?” I said with my best innocent new kid smile.

          She nodded. “You were right on track. Last door on the left.” She gave me one more smile, tucking her hair behind her ear as she bit her lip. “And, um, if you need somewhere to eat lunch, you can come sit with me.”

          “Thank you, that's quite nice of you. And, may I ask one more thing?”

          “Of course,” she said with another nod.

          “Did you see those girls that came this way before?”

          “Oh, yeah. Those are a few of my friends. Alice was the short one. She's hysterical. And the other girl was Alora. Alora is a sophomore. Alice is a freshman. They became like, best friends since Alice started going here. But they sit with me at lunch too if you want to talk to them!” She said as her hair flopped back in her face. I felt my face pale slightly. I had to.

          She lifted her hand to move her hair again, but, to recover; I moved my hand faster than her to tuck the strand behind her ear with a smile. “I would like to accept your invitation to lunch. See you there?”

          “Y-Yeah,” she breathed as her cheeks turned a rosy color. I gave her one last smile before turning on my heel to give my best performance to the class about how I had felt suddenly ill, but it must have been my nerves; first day and all. They would buy it easily and I would become like their new toy. They would love me and I would be popular.


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