For the Love of Wolves

Alexis is an ordinary girl..well kinda. Her world is filled with many mythical creatures such as vulpins (Kinda like a werefox), Mynx (Half cat half human), and werewolves. What will happen when an unlikely pack is formed and helps her when no one else will?


1. Waking Up

Alexis' P.O.V.

I woke up in the forest and my head was pounding. I was used to this by now, waking up in the woods. I stood up and dusted my clothes of. I checked over my body noticing a few cuts and bruises.

"You are a big wolf but he was bigger." Said my friend May jumping from a tree. She was a vulpin, a very small creature. When she transformed, she was a red fox. Quick and witty.

"Who was?" I asked. I didn't remember much from last night, and May was giving me vauge details.

Her eyes widened and she pointed behind me, "HIM!" She yelled scurrying up a tree.

"I see the omega hasn't left yet. I guess this means I'll have to make her leave." Said what seemed to be an Alfa. I hated the way he called me an omega. I was classified as one just because I didn't have a pack. I was actually an Alfa by birth so I couldn't stand being bossed around by another wolf. That's why I was alone.

At this point we were all still in human form, and a boy who had a striped shirt on, stepped up to his leader.

"Do we have to kill her? Can't she join us?" He asked. This won't be good. Never.Disobey.Your.Alfa.EVER.

"LOUIS SHUT IT AND GET BACK HERE!!" A boy with curly hair yelled to him.

"No don't worry about it Harry. He can join her!" The man yelled as he pushed the boy, Louis I think, to the ground. That ticked me off. He tried to help me. I need to return the favor. The Alfa turned into his wolf form. The boy shuddered and I transformed. I walked over to Louis and stood over him growling. Wow. I was almost as large as the Alfa.

"Touch him. Go ahead. Touch him so I'll have a reason to rip your head off. Touch him to allow me such a pleasure." I said cockily. (We could talk in wolf form.) The man just growled and said, "Anyone who wants to join HER pack, step forward. First the curly haired boy walked over and stood behind me. Then, a boy with blonde hair did the same. Followed by one with black hair and one with chocolate brown hair.

"Well then, you have chosen. Don't think this is the last you'll see of me." The Alfa yelled. I let out a huff and backed away from Louis.

"T-thank you. He would have killed me for sure." Louis said gratefully.

"No thank you. You tried to protect me and that is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." I replied.

"Wait, so why did you guys leave his pack and come to mine?" I asked clearly puzzled.

"We've been looking for a reason for years." The curly haired one said.

"Okay then.'m Alexis...Your new Alfa." I stuttered nervously.They all nodded and introduced themselves. They were extremely nice and I was happy I finally had a pack.

"So, where do you live?" Harry asked.

"Doncaster, and where are we?"

"Um, Chesire." Harry chuckled.

"CRAP I HAVE TO GET HOME! I HATE GETTING LOST!" I yelled clearly frustrated.

"Calm down, I'll take you! I live there too." Louis said transforming. My mother is gonna kill me!

"What about your vulpin buddy?" Louis asked as we started to run.

"She'll make her way home she always does." I laughed.

As we were running I thought about tomorrow. What could my pack and I do together?


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