For the Love of Wolves

Alexis is an ordinary girl..well kinda. Her world is filled with many mythical creatures such as vulpins (Kinda like a werefox), Mynx (Half cat half human), and werewolves. What will happen when an unlikely pack is formed and helps her when no one else will?


2. Grace-Lynn

Alexis' P.O.V.

Louis and I made it back to Doncaster safely, even with his ex-Alfa on the loose.

"Hey, my mum and my sisters, except for Felicite, are gone on vacation for a month. Would you wanna come over and let me have a chance to get to know my new Alfa?" Louis asked.

"Ofcourse, let me call my mum and tell her." I answered. He nodded, and I pulled out my phone and dialed my house phone.

"Allie is that you?" (My Mother liked to call me Allie for short)

"Yeah mum it's me."

"Oh! Thank god! I was so worried about you!" My mother yelled.

"I'm staying at a friends house tonight, do you mind?"

" I don't. But can you drop by and see your little sister and get some clothes and stuff?" My mum asked hopefully.

"Yeah. I have to tell you something anyway." I said.

"Ok sweetie, love you, bye!"


I told Louis the plan and we started towards my house. We made conversation while we walked, and Louis told me about Felicite. Turns out she was a wolf too. That would make things a lot easier to explain.

As soon as I was at my house and I opened the door, my four year old sister hugged me.

"Hey! Grace-Lynn!" I yelled happily.

When she finally noticed Louis was there, she looked at him cautiously.

"He is a Beta in my pack he won't harm you." I told her.

"Sissy, you're an Afa?" She asked.

I chuckled a bit and then said, "It's Alfa. And yes I am."

I had to make my pack survive for her. She was a wolf as well and she doesn't get along well with other wolves so she has to be in my pack. If it wasn't for her, I'd tell those five Betas to leave me alone and I'd take my place as an Omega. But, I can't because I love her.

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