Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


50. You may have won a few fights, but he won the war

Ashley's POV.


The next couple of days I turned in sick. I couldn't face Greg or the girls. They wanted to come over, but I told them that I saw a doctor, who told me it was contagious. I felt so bad about myself. I couldn't believe that I would do such a foolish thing. After being hurt so bad, then I would go on and hurt the one person I really love.. Greg. 


After a few days of sorrow, I still wasn't ready to go out. I just felt like sitting in my apartment, eating nothing. My appetite were completely gone. Then I heard a knock the door. I opened and saw Justin standing in the hallway. 


ASHLEY - You really can't be here right now! I feel so bad about what happened and I need to end this right he...


He pushed me inside the apartment and kissed me. He whispered some dirty things in my ear, so I couldn't help getting turned on. He took off my clothe and started to kiss my whole body. He then started to lick me, making me burst into a happy place. After a while, we made love. dirty, sexy, guilty love. 


When we were done I got up and put on my clothe. I sat down the bed and looked at him. I then punched him really hard. He just looked at me with a really sexy look.


ASHLEY - This thing.. has to stop! I have a boyfriend who loves me.. You can't just come running here, like you think you are welcome. And you can certainly not think that I have forgiven you. You are still the biggest scumbag ever.

JUSTIN - Why would sleep with me, if you hate me so much?

ASHLEY - Because we have history. It doesn't matter, it's never gonna happen again! I want you out of my apartment and out of my life!

JUSTIN - Come on, that little boyfriend you got yourself, will never make love to you the same way I do.

ASHLEY - No you are right. He makes love to me with feeling. Cause he really cares!

JUSTIN - Wait, you had sex with this guy?

ASHLEY - Yes, why?

JUSTIN - I just didn't think anybody else..

ASHLEY - Oh you didn't? you thought that it ruined me so much, that I would never be able to have sex again? Well, guess what, he is not the only one. there have been more.

JUSTIN - In this bed?

ASHLEY - Exactly in this bed. many times.

JUSTIN - I guess I have to visit you more often, to make it up.

ASHLEY - This is the end. I can not stand by and watch my relationship crumple, while I'm sleeping with my rapist! 

JUSTIN - You mean your lover.

ASHLEY - You are nothing to me Justin. You are the guy who raped me, and that's it!

JUSTIN - What if keep showing up?

ASHLEY - Then I'm gonna call the police. 


Then someone knocked on the door. 


GREG - Babe, it's me!


ASHSLEY - *whispers* Oh my fucking god! See, this is why we can't do this! 

JUSTIN -  *whispers* I'll just jump out the window!

ASHLEY - *whisperes* You can't, then you'll die! Go hide under the bed, and take your clothe with you.


I quickly hid the evidence, and put on some comfy clothe. Then I went to open the door and see my beautiful boyfriend with flowers in his hands. He kissed me and walked inside.


GREG - I bought you some flowers, to make you feel better. How are you?

ASHLEY - Uhm, I'm not feeling very well. 

GREG - Oh, you don't look sick. Your cheeks are all red. what is your sickness called? 

ASHLEY - Oh, uhm, my sickness. I can't really remember, but you know I am hot, then I am cold, then I throw up, then I have an headache.. I dont know what that is called.

GREG - It doesn't matter, I just really missed you. I've been looking forward to seeing you. 

ASHLEY - You know babe, it's really not a good time right know. The doctor said no visitors for four days, and it has only been three. I think you need to leave.

GREG - You don't HAVE to listen 100% to the doctors. Besides, we can just cuddle, that usually makes you feel better.

ASHLEY - I just really don't think it's a good idea!

GREG - Is something wrong ash? You seem really tense!

ASHLEY - No, Greg, nothing is wrong, I just need time to get better! please understand that!

GREG - Okay, okay. You don't have to throw me out the door, I'll just go now. 

ASHLEY - Greg wait.. You know that I love you, right?

GREG - Of course I do! Can I come by tomorrow?

ASHLEY - Absolutely!


He kissed me on the forehead and then he left. I sad down in my couch and started breathing heavily. He came out a couple of seconds later. 


JUSTIN - Wow that was close huh?

ASHLEY - Get out!

JUSTIN - Relax, nothing happened!

ASHLEY - Nothing happened? I have the best boyfriend I could ever wish for, and then I chose to be unfaithful to him, because a bad boy shows up, with some tattoos.. I don't want to do this!


He came closer to me and started kissing my neck. Then I slapped him, leaving a mark on his cheek.


ASHLEY - Go out now, and never come back. 

JUSTIN - *smirking* See you around love. here's my number, when you get a little lonely at night. Oh, and you should know that I will never stop fighting for you.

ASHLEY - You may have won a few fights, but he won the war. 

JUSTIN - Then I guess I'm just gonna make a new war. 


He walked out my apartment feeling so confident. I was out on deep water now. 

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