Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


40. The truth

Ashleys POV.


I went home to the cottage, and unpacked my things. I was still crying at times. Mostly because there would be ages, before I could see Justin again, but also because my mom was so strict. she was treating me like I was 14 years old! it was so frustrating. 


the day went, and i had texted with Justin a bit. we had been deciding, that he was coming over, tomorrow afternoon, while they weren't here. I was a little rebel inside, and i liked it. it felt great!


The next day, i woke up and showered, getting myself ready. about 11 AM, while I was eating brunch, someone knocke don my door. he was probably gonna surprise me, by comming over early. i went out to open the door, with a big smilling face, but instead of justins perfect face, i met two doctors face's. I looked confused.


DOCTOR - I know you may be confused, but we have something to tell you. can we come in?

ASHLEY - Sure.


We sat down at the couch, and they looked at me with a sad face.


DOCTOR - We had a lot of unanswered questions about your case, thats why we kept researching. we found out some things, that you may, or may not know.

ASHLEY - It was a car accident? me and justin.. my boyfriend, was chasing each other, but i ran out infront of a car.

DOCTOR - You did run out infront of a car. we talked to the driver and he confirmed that. do you know what happened before?

ASHLEY - I was playing with justin?

DOCTOR - Look, you came into the hospital wearing only a t-shirt and your underwear. we kept the t-shirt and we found some different liquids on the shirt.

ASHLEY - What liquids?

DOCTOR - Sperm. 

ASHLEY - Oh.. i guess we had a lot of fun.

DOCTOR - I dont think so. do you know two guys named chaz somers and ryan butler?

ASHLEY - Yes.. ryan is my cousin. not by blood, though.

DOCTOR - Ashley, I dont how to put this. 

ASHLEY - What?

DOCTOR - You were raped. we found a lot of sperm from chaz and ryan on the shirt. from your belly spot. there was blood on one of the sleaves, wich is from the cut on your arm, made by a knife, from the boat house you were raped in. there were some blood on the sheets, wich shows that you were virgin, when the act was performed. while you were in the hospital, we took some test, that has now shown us sperm from Justin Bieber. you were chased through the forrest, cause your t-shirts has been in contact with trees, the examples say. then we asume you ran out infront of the car, while you were running for your life. im sorry.

ASHLEY - I.. I.. I'm speechless.

DOCTOR - Thats very normal. we researched this case a bit, and we actually found this girl, who also had been raped by the three guys. its not the first time they did this. we already have chaz arrested, and the police are coming to get ryan and justin.

ASHLEY - This explains everything.

DOCTOR - What my dear?

ASHLEY - He never told me anything in details. he didn't explain the scar. i was scared the first time we tried to have sex. i saw the woods. i saw it. i remember now. i remember the boat house. the foreplay, and when they tied me. when everything went black. everything crashed in my head. he is a scum. He thought i'd never find out.. 

DOCTOR - As soon as police find him, we are gonna lock him up. 

ASHLEY - Good!

DOCTOR - Do you know where he is? we could help police!

ASHLEY - He is... I .. I dont know. 

DOCTOR - If you need something, call us. are you gonna be alone now?

ASHLEY - Um.. no.. my parents can be home anytime now. I'll tell them everything, and they'll protect me!

DOCTOR - It important not to be alone after finding something like this out. by the way, you are handling this situation very well. are you not sad?

ASHLEY - No.. im disappointed. and mad. he doesn't deserve my tears. im too good for that.

DOCTOR - Yes you are honey. goodbye.


I dont know why I wasn't crying. maybe I couldn't cry more? I dont know why i lied to the doctor about my parents ad justins location. he could be here any minute. 


then it hit me. he was a psychopath. he raped me, he would probably kill me if he found out i knew. I hurried to pack my backs so I could get away, before he would come. 


Justins POV.


I was on my way over to her. it was 12 PM, and i was almost there. i couldnt wait to see her perfect face, smiling at me. making love to her and just smelling her scent. she was a godess.


I walked up to the door, knocking, but with no answer. i went in the house and tried to call for her. She was nowhere to be found. I saw a note on the counter. i grabbed it and read.


Dear Justin. 

I know the truth now. the truth that you never had the guts to tell me.

I dont know why you would do something to me like that, but you did. 

you know what? you raped me, but thats not the worst. you made me fall in love with lying bastard, who pretended to be something he wasn't. you pretended like you cared. but I guess that was a lie too. was it ever real? just a little bit?

it doesn't matter now.. the doctors told me, and you know where that leaves you? where you deserve.. police is coming to get you. they already got chaz. oh, and dont even bother to tell me it was a mistake. I know you did this to another girl. 

after hearing the truth, I remember everything. we were never together. you fooled me all the way through. you told me you were a bad boy. I should have listened. 

Good bye Justin. I hope you have to sit in prison for the rest of your life. you are worth nothing. 

I hope you are happy now. is this what you wanted?


i couldn't believe my own eyes. then the police kicked in the door and laid me down, giving me handcuffs on. this was it. life was over.

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