Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


33. Sleeping with Greg

Ashleys POV.


I went down and there was a lady at the desk. She looked down at her magazine, not really interested in other people. I asked her anyways.


ASHLEY – There is a guy named Greg who works here.. can you tell me where he is?

LADY – I dont know..


Then I saw him come out behind the lady smiling. He heard me and looked at me and went over to me.


GREG – Have you changed your mind babe?

ASHLEY – Not exactly.. But I know you got all those keys. I was just wondering if you could give me a room I could sleep in?

GREG – I thought you were sleeping with your boyfriend.. maybe you broke up? I'll be there for you!

ASHLEY – No, im sharing room with two bitches who hate me, so I would like to get my own room.

GREG – why dont you sleep with your boyfriend? Not that I want you to..

ASHLEY – Its complicated.. rumors you know..

GREG – Let me find you a room sweetheart!


We walked around and I really looked how beautiful the ship was. There were paintings and the atmosphere was just amazing! He told me about how it was to work on the ship. Finally we reached the room and he locked it up. I walked into this big room with a kingsize bed and all the luxury needed! But there were boy clothe on the floor..


ASHLEY – It looks like someone lives in here..

GREG – I do!

ASHLEY – Greg, I told you a that I wanted a room for myself! And I have a boyfriend..

GREG – You look like someone who needs cheering up. You can have the bed, I'll just have the couch. Besides every room is taken, and you would have to pay money.. Maybe we could get to know each other better too!


Sleeping in the same room as a guy you just met.. without even having a fight with your boyfriend and a reason to do it.. is that called cheating? I mean.. I couldn't sleep in my own room.. and I didn't feel like seeing justin in this moment.. I didn't want to show him I was affected by the mean stuff they said about him.


If I did not let him touch me in any way it wouldn't be cheating.. besides its just for night. And he didn't hat me, so maybe we could be friends..


ASHLEY – Thank you for offering me this! You really shouldn't.. let me at least take the couch!

GREG – It would be a honor to have a girl like you sleeping in my bed. Whit, or without me!

ASHLEY – Okay.. but im just stating that I have a boyfriend I love really much. And I appreciate you being a FRIEND to me..

GREG – Of course!


I got into bed, cause I was already dressed for it.. he got in next to me. I kept me distance and I told him he had to move, when I was gonna sleep. Not cheating. Not doing anything stupid!


He started asking me about me..


GREG – I only know your name.. and the fact that you have a boyfriend.. you stated that a couple of times.. Tell me about you!

ASHLEY – Uhm, im on a family trip right now! Its like a bonding thing, cause my mom got a new boyfriend and he brought his sister.. so my new siblings and their cousins and a friend of one of the cousins are on a family trip together. And the friend.. justin Bieber is my boyfriend..

GREG – Do you like your new family?

ASHLEY – Well, they are.. no. my moms boyfriend is always strict. He has a baby girl who is really sweet, but also a bitch of a daughter. She is 23 I think. And then the cousins are a boy who is fine.. and another girl who is bitchy too!

GREG – Why are they bitchy? Have you done anything?

ASHLEY – No, they are just jealous! Apparently every girl I meet are forced to hate me! I have no girl friends besides my sister..

GREG – You work better with guys?

ASHLEY – Absolutely not! Im very shy around guys, cause they tend to be very.. I dont know.. scary? Like you can feel that we are opposite sex!

GREG – Isn't thats good?

ASHLEY – I just want someone who is not attracted to me. And who wont be.. thats why I think I would be good with a girl friend.. but they don't like me. I believe that you can't really have a guy friend without feeling the smallest attraction. Just once! Maybe I should just go for gay!

GREG – I understand you.. if were a girl I would be jealous too! I mean you could get any guy! With your brown hair, your big beautiful eyes and your perfect curvy body!

ASHLEY – You make me blush..

GREG – It suits you!

ASHLEY – What about you? Who are you?

GREG – Uhm, im working here for the summer, but I live in stratford, ontario. My parents both died in a car accident last summer, so I have working a lot to afford my apartment and focusing on my school as well. I want to get into a good college and make them proud. They are with me, everyday.

ASHLEY – I am so sorry to hear that! You poor thing!

GREG – It has been hard! Still is. I mean being alone after such a thing has really ruined me. I tried to keep it stable and but inside im ruined. This may sound crazy..

ASHLEY – Just tell me!

GREG – the only thing keeping me going.. it sounds so stupid, but that is meaningless sex and alcohol!


GREG – Cause when I get drunk, I forget. And when I get laid, I get happy. Its not good for me, but it helps me.

ASHLEY – Is that why you were trying so hard to get me down in that romantic room?

GREG – Yes, and because you are the most beautiful I have ever seen!

ASHLEY – Thank you.. but dont you have any friends? Who can help you?

GREG – I lost them after the accident. I turned into a dark person and suddenly people didn't want to around me anymore..

ASHLEY – I am so sad to here that! If it makes you feel better I have been in a car accident and lost my memory, so my life as I know it, have only existed for a less than two weeks..

GREG – Now I am sorry!

ASHLEY – You shouldn't be.. im okay.

GREG – Thank you for listening to me and caring!

ASHLEY – Thank you for being sweet, but mostly for being a friend!

GREG – Goodnight then.. sleep tight!

ASHLEY – Goodnight greg. Oh, and by the way. You're a great guy!

GREG – Thank you.


We went to sleep at our different places and I thought about things. I thought about how I found one who cared. Not that justin didn't, but someone to be a friend. I just had to focus on the possitive things. I looked at my phone and I saw that justin had been calling me and texting me. I would talk to him tomorrow. It was nice to get a good night sleep though.  

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