Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


21. Skinny dipping

Ashleys POV.


I woke up to the smell of something sweet. I opened my eyes and saw that he had brought us breakfast.


ASHLEY - Whats the clock?


ASHLEY - Seriously? 

JUSTIN - yer! you have been awake almost all night, so of course!

ASHLEY - I know.. what are we gonna do today?

JUSTIN - I was planning that we could just have a great time. nothing special

ASHLEY - Just relaxing?

JUSTIN - Yes. unless you want something else. 

ASHLEY - No, I would love to rest. 


We did nothing all day, just cuddling and playing some games. he was so sweet to me and I really was starting to love hime. Actually I would say that I love him. I never fall in love with guys and I guess thats why I am scared. But I can feel its right. He wants me. He loves me too.


Justins POV.


The day went as planned. I treated her like a princess and she loved it. I knew what i was supposed to do, but I was starting to regret just a little bit! she was sweet, but I had to remember my mission. my promise to Chaz and Ryan. I had to this. Bros before hoes. 


The evening came and I wanted to see more of her. I had some ideas.


JUSTIN - Ash.. I was thinking about something

ASHLEY - What is it?

JUSTIN - Just follow me. 


we went down to the water and she looked at me with a confused look on her face.


ASHLEY - what are we gonna do?

JUSTIN - I thought we would go for and evening swim. 

ASHLEY - Well.. I dont have my bikini, so..

JUSTIN - Does that really matter?


I threw my shirt and my pants and looked at her. she turned shy. I went over to her and took off her shirt and unhooked her shorts. she let them fall to the ground. 


JUSTIN - Do you see where im going?

ASHLEY - I dont know if..

JUSTIN - ..Live in the moment babe!


I threw my underpants and ran into the water, completely naked. I looked back at the shore and saw how she looked at bit scared. 


JUSTIN - Come on ash! its really fun!

ASHLEY - I cant just get naked. think about if anyone came and saw us?

JUSTIN - We're in the forrest.. who would come?


She looked at me and then down her body. she looked really scared. she obviously didn't like her body and was still feeling very insecure. she had nothing to worry about. she was perfect.


ASHLEY - Look away!


ASHLEY - Just do it, or else i wont get out.


I did as told and looked away. i heard she stepped in the water and then i turned around. she had covered herself with her hands, but she the water hadn't covered anything yet. When she saw i looked she screamed and ran faster out in the water until she was covered. I swan against her and grabbed her by her waist. Just the thought of her being naked, turned me on. she hugged me, shaking by the cold water. I felt her body against mine. 


I slowly started to lower my hands to her butt and i felt how she liked it, but was scared of it. I had to make her comfortable around me. she started to slide her hands up and down my back. damn, she was cute! She got away fro my grab and looked me deep in the eyes.


ASHLEY - I love you Justin!


And with that, I lifted her up and carried her all the way to boat house. I got towel and dried the last water off of us and then i put her on the bed. It was nice to see, how comfortable she was, with me seeing her body. She just had to take the first step!

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