Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


12. Resturant

Ashleys POV.

I was getting ready. i wore a little black dress that suited my body, perfectly, with my red stilletos. I curled my hair and let it hang loose. then i applied some red nailpolish and then I went downstairs.

Justins POV

I saw Ashley come down the stairs, she was beautiful and HOT! I just wanted so bad to get in her pants! i wanted to see her naked, to touch her boobs. This girl made me crazy!

JUSTIN - wow!

RYAN - oh my

CHAZ - gosh

RUDY - *gives her a mean look* boys can you go check on rebecca?

CHAZ - ryans sister?

RUBY - yes!

CHAZ - no i dont feel like

JUSTIN - *walks over to ashley* hey!

ASHLEY - hey wannabe

JUSTIN - i like your dress.. honeybon!

BILL - shall we get going?

ABIGALE - not with Ashley looking like that!

ASHLEY - WHAT!? it took atleast 1 hour.. whats wrong?

ABIGALE - if a boy sees you, he is gonna go crazy! we wouldn't want you to getasked on  20 dates in one night, would we? *smiles*

ASHLEY - *laughs and blushes* mom! stop it..

BRITNEY - wheres the resturant? and how are we gonna get there?

BILL - its in the city, about 15 minuttes of walking!

REBECCA - ugh! i dont feel like walking!

ABIGALE - ash can you get baily?

ASHLEY - of course mom!

Ashleys POV.

i went in my room and got Baily dressed. i found a cute little pink floral dress and some white leggins, i braided her hair and put a little flower hairband in it! I got her in my arms and went outside where the others waited.

BILL - are we good to go?

ASHLEY - yes we are!

MOM - *took baily and put her in her pram* now everybody walk together, we dont want anyone to get lost.

Justins POV.

after 10 minuttes of walking we got to the city.

ABIGALE - okay this is a big and dangerous road, so everybody grab eachothers hands

JUSTIN - *grabbed ashleys hand* I'll protect you honeybon

ASHLEY - ugh! why you?

JUSTIN - because im big enough to walk you over the road

ASHLEY - your 19!

JUSTIN - wich means im big enough for this road.. im also big enough for you! *he winks*

ASHLEY - ew! i cant believe your always thinking with your god damn DICK

JUSTIN - i cant believe that my dick is always thinking of you

ASHLEY - *blushes* ugh! perv..

we were past the road and she let go of my hand, suddenly I saw a group of guys, they were about my age and they were looking at Ashley like CRAZY! they were pointing and whispering, but then one of the guys startet to yell.

GUY 1 - hey baby!


everyone looked. 


REBECCA - Hey boys *making a seductive face*

GUY 2 - no, the one in the black!

AMY - oh you mean Ashley

REBECCA - ugh! *walket over to ruby, mad* 

GUY 1 - yer her *walked over to ashley* hey, im Dylan

the other guys ran up to her


ASHLEY - uhm, hi im ashley

GUY 3 - holy jesus, your hot

GUY 4 - dont you wanna come home with us? we can have some real good fun

ASHLEY - uh, im actually on my way to a resturant with my family

GUY 5 - that is one big family! 

ASHLEY - they are not all my family! 

this was unbelieveable! 5 guys standing and flirting with MY CT! i have got to stop it!

JUSTIN - *puts his arm around ashleys waist* yeah it would be kinda wierd if we where family right? *kisses her cheek* but see ya guys!

they walket away

ASHLEY - what was that all about? 

JUSTIN - we have to get to resturant right?

BILL - yes we have!

*back home*

ashley came in our room. it was bedtime and she tried to unzip her dress:

ASHLEY - justin, can you help me unzip the dress?

JUSTIN - of course

I unzipped the dress and she was only in her underwere! she was so hot! she put on a big t-shirt, just covering her butt. god, she looked sweet!

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