Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


41. Prison

Justins POV.


I was sitting in the police car, totaly confused of what has just happened. everything was happening so fast, that i first realised now, that she knew. that she knew that I had raped her, and kept the secret all along. I hope she will forgive me. she has to. thats where the tears came. I was balling my eyes out.


You can't be hopelessly in love, and then not go back, can you? you will always forgive someone, if its true love?


I wonder where she is now.. where she went? if she still was in the cottage, hiding from me.. I wonder if her parents know about it.. I wonder if my mom knows about this.. she would kill me. she always wanted a good boy, but she got me. She is gonna get so disappointed. finally I find a girl, that I can bring home, and show my mom, who she will be proud of, but then i screw that up. i harte myself!


when I arrived at the prison, I had a phone call. I called Ashley, but with no answer. should have known that.. I then called my mom, and told her to come down, so I could explain. she cried, but she told me that she knew this was gonna come.


She came and the police man told her everything about what has been going on. about the rape on ashley, but also the other ones. she was in tears, so disappointed in me. 


JUSTIN - I really thought you were gonna like this girl. she was good, and sweet and beautiful!!

PATTIE - Is that gonna make me feel better? how could you even get yourself into doring such stuff!

JUSTIN - I'm a pig, and I know! im so sorry, but I want you to know that I found a girl to be serious with! im doing good!

PATTIE - Justin, you fucking lost it. I really wanna be proud of you, but you do not make it easy for me! congrats, you found the girl, but you raped her and lied about it afterwards. you are never gonna get her, cause if she turns back, she is a fool. I love you, but you have got grow up and get your punishment... *starts to cry* even though it means they are gonna lock you up, away from me!..

JUSTIN - Mom, dont cry.. im gonna be out of here soon, and im gonna get her.

PATTIE - This is not a fucking movie Justin! Im sorry for cursing God, but i need to get the anger out. 

JUSTIN - Do you not believe in me anymore?

PATTIE - I believe, that when you pull those pants up, and take your punishment as a man, you are gonna get far. for now, im just gonna pray to god.


She walked into the police office, where chaz's mom was in too. I hadn't seen Chaz though. soon enough Ruby and Ryan came. I ran up to them.


JUSTIN - Where's Ashley?

RUBY - If you are smart, you'll move out of the country as soon as you get out. god forbid that you ever get out...

RYAN - Its a disaster back there. this blue eye, was amy, her little sister going crazy.. her mom could kill me, but the last thing i heard was something about never wanting to see your face again, I think..

JUSTIN - Fuck..


The police men came and put me and ryan into a cell, where chaz were. we got in and just looked at each other, in silence. we all knew, that we had gone too far.


CHAZ - How did the secret get out?

JUSTIN - Doctor.. they found our sperm..

RYAN - How long are we gonna be here?

CHAZ - They told me it could be up to 20 years ..

JUSTIN - What?!

RYAN - Thats all the important years! no education and no family, this means..

JUSTIN - No ashley..

CHAZ - Will you quit thinking about her! she is why we are in here!

JUSTIN - No, we are why we are in here!

RYAN - We can't blame it on anybody, but ourselves .. if someone told me, when we raped the first girl, that we would be in prison for twenty years, I would have never done..

CHAZ - I knew...

JUSTIN - Why weren't you more afraid then?

CHAZ - We have raped 4 girls, right? 2 of them is dead today, one of them was so drugged that she wasn't even present, and is currently locked into a little house out in nowhere.. I think she is dead too, cause she didn't have any water or food. and the last one got hit by a car and lost her memory.

JUSTIN - What happened to the girls who died?

CHAZ - I killed them all. first one I strangled and buried in the ground where the third one was locked up. second one I drowned and buried her too. they are all three out there, where no one can find them. to avoid trouble. 

RYAN - Holy shit! why didn't you ever tell us?

CHAZ - Cause then you would stop doing it.. I know im never going out of here, if they knew I was also a killer, but the risk of having those girl telling someone, I felt was a lot higher..

JUSTIN - Why didn't you ever do anything to Ashley? If you knew the risks and the danger of having a girl on the lose?

CHAZ - Love.. When we raped her, I knew that you loved her.. or else you wouldn't react that way. I trusted your love, thats why i leaved her alone. 

JUSTIN - Wow man.. can't believe you would do that for me.. 

CHAZ - But the doctors had us.. 

RYAN - Have they figured out your kills?

CHAZ - No, they havn't.. 

JUSTIN - They told me, that they knew another girl who got raped by us?

CHAZ - Shit.. thats not very good..


after a while, they picked us up and got us into this room, where our moms and some police men were.. they looked very serious at us, and all moms were teary. 


POLICE - We've decided, that since you have all those years ahead of you and because it was responsible of you, to take her to the hospital afterwords.. we've decided to give you 10 years.. if you behave nicely, we may shorten your stay. 


My whole world turned black. 10 years.. I would be 29 by then.. fuck..




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