Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


26. Lies, lies, lies

Justins POV.


I sat in a breakfast place all alone. Ashley was actually ready to go home, but I had to come up with an excuse on why she had been to the hospital. She was still in the hospital packing her stuff waiting for me. 


I could say I was taking her to that mall and then out for dinner, when a car hit her! no, seems to easy! I could say that we were goofing around and that she ran out infront of a car. whatever, I'll just say that!


Ryan and Chaz came and met with me at the restaurant like I told them to. they sat down with a sad look in their faces.


RYAN - Soo.. how is she?

CHAZ - Does she hate you?

JUSTIN - She doesn't know me...

RYAN - Is she that mad? pretending you dont exist?

JUSTIN - She ran out infront of a car. I was chasing her through the woods and suddenly, when she crossed the road, she got hit and lost her memory. she doesn't know anything. she can't remember me, her family or the rape..

CHAZ - Well, thats good, isn't it?

JUSTIN - Its pretty good! but its gonna so hard to explain..

RYAN - Look, man you just have to tell them that she got hit by a car and lost her memory! not the whole rape part, and her being so scared.. just tell them..

JUSTIN - I was planning on telling them we just goofed around and she got hit.. Why didn't I think that memory loss could be innocent? 

RYAN - exactly! 

JUSTIN - I have established a lot her memory towards her family. like, she knows who the different persons are, she just dont remember them personally! I could say it wasn't that bad, and then they wont get fully mad at me!

CHAZ - Man.. You're a genius! she will never know!!

JUSTIN - I know! but, she does have some wierd feelings, because her heart remembers deep down inside!

RYAN - You just have to make her life a love story and it will go away!!

JUSTIN - You're probably right..


I drove off to the hospital and ryan and chaz went to mac donalds I think.. I dont care.. I just needed to her now!


Ashleys POV


I was packed and ready! actually I had nothing to pack, besides some chocolate and some flowers Justin had bought me, through out the days. I didn't have any clothe, besides the hospital clothe. I actually wondered how I was dressed, coming here. Maybe I was naked? Its too embarrassing, that I dont even want an answer!


Hopefully I had some pretty clothe at home. or in the cottage. I had been told we were in a cottage. I was a bit exited to meet my mom, but scared too! Its like meeting a bunch of new people! hopefully I recognize her when I see her!


Justin came into my room smiling. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. awkward.. I dont even know the guy! barely.. He was my boyfriend though, and he had seen my naked! maybe we had... omg, I dont know if im virgin!! I dont know if we ever had sex! I have to ask.. No I cant just ask... But I have to!!! Okay, but just not now!!


JUSTIN - Are you ready to go?

ASHLEY - Yeah, I've packed all the stuff I havn't got!

JUSTIN - You are so sweet! are you nervous to come home?

ASHLEY - Well, I dont know home, so im exited, but nervous!

JUSTIN - I'll be by your side, remember that! oh, and they know about your condition. they know that you got hit by a car, when we goofed around, on our way to the mall. 

ASHLEY - I didn't even know that!

JUSTIN - But you do know! the thing is.. they dont know about us! they know that we are flirting, but they dont know that we are dating! just keep that in mind!

ASHLEY - Dont I tell my family stuff?

JUSTIN- Yes you do! uhm.. you.. uhm.. you were gonna tell them, after we got home, but then the accident came and yer...

ASHLEY - oh, okay!

JUSTIN - Im so glad you're back! I really thought I was gonna lose you!


She smiled and walked to the door. I took her and walked by her side. she looked at me wierd, and then down on our hands. I could tell she didn't like it!


JUSTIN - Im sorry! Im just so used to it..

ASHLEY - Im sorry!! I'll get used to it, lets just hold hands. ignore me, if im looking wierd! if I really dont like, I will tell you!

JUSTIN - Good! I dont wanna push things!

ASHLEY - Thanks!


She was smiling now, looking more comfortable with the whole situration! 


We went home and her mom ran up to us hugging her so tight she couldn't breathe. she looked a bit wierd!


Ashleys POV.


I got out of the car and the woman who was supposed to be my mom ran up and hugged me tight I couldn't breathe. I didn't recognize much, but she did ring a bell in my head!


MOM - Oh, sweetie, im so glad you're home!! I heard about what happened and im so sorry!! I love you so much and im so happy you're still here!! I cant even explain my happiness, im so blessed that you're still here! Can you remember me?

ASHLEY - Well, not fully. but you do ring a bell in my head! Like I know i know you!

MOM - Thank god!! and Justin.. *she went over at him and hugged him so tight* Thank you for taking so much care of her! Im sure she is doing so well, because you were by her side! thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

JUSTIN - No problem Miss Anderson. I happy to be with her though! I feel like we got closer!


ASHLEY - Yer, apparently! 

BRITNEY - Im so happy you're okay, but see?? everyone, besides me has someone in their age, to have fun with!! it SUCKS being 23 and in this cottage..

BILL - Lets just be happy that Ashley is home!


I spend the whole day with them all, getting to know them better! They were so sweet, especially rebecca! we must have been bff's before the accident, im sure!!


As the night came I was getting tired. I needed sleep!


ASHLEY - wheres my room?

JUSTIN - Actually we sleep in a little one man bed, and rebecca, ryan and chaz are in there too!

MOM - No, justin we decided that it would be best for her to get some more room and space! so we decided, since chaz are leaving tonight anyways, to put Ruby into the old bedroom with ryan and rebecca. they are family anyways. and then Ashely can have Ruby's room. 

JUSTIN - Well, then what about me..

MOM - Well, we didn't know how comfy ashley was with you, but you can sleep on the couch if she doesn't like it. Im sure she will have you in her room, eventually!

ASHLEY - No, its okay.. I dont want him sleeping at the couch! as long as we can get two blankets maybe? 

MOM - Of course sweetie!


She gave me another blanket and we went into room. I made the bed, while Justin got all our things. I unpacked my stuff into the closet, looking on every single piece of my clothe. It was pretty! I have good taste. Justin laughed a bit at me, when i got exited about some of the things. As I was done I went to the bathroom and put on my nigh shirt, and brushed my teeth. I had no make-up to remove, since I was completely cleaned while I was still asleep at the hospital.


I went into the room. The room was brownish like the bed. It looked old and nice and I really enjoyed it. The other room, was bigger, but colder. In here where small cute things which made it personal, without even being my personal things!


I saw how Justin only was in his shorts. I turned red, cause I had never seen him without a shirt on! even though i had.. It just felt new to me!! I couldn't complain though, he had very well shaped abs. I really did good, in my "earlier life". lol, im so cheesy.. why am I thinking this? wierd..


JUSTIN - Are you gonna stand there all day looking at me, or are you gonne come over here?


stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid!!!


ASHLEY - sure! *went over to him*

JUSTIN - Shall we watch a movie?

ASHLEY - No, sorry! im too tired!

JUSTIN - Okay babe. 


I got under my blanket and he got under it too. He then spooned me putting his arm around me, holding me tight. Not tight that it hurt, but tight like I was safe I liked it lot, but it was wierd too! I slowly looked around and saw his blanket in the floor. I felt a bit stupid, cause I know, he knew I was looking for it. But he felt so nice!
He then whispered in my ear, making me melt like butter.


JUSTIN - If you dont like I can move away.

ASHLEY - Uhm, no its good!

JUSTIN - Great babe. now close your eyes and fall asleep.


His voice were to die for! Like, I was feeling so good and comfy! He could hold me like this forever! He started to cuddle my waist a bit until I fell asleep in his beautiful muscular arms, that I know would never let me go!




Hey guys!

Sorry I hadn't uploaded in a while. Here's a long one! I just needed some time off, to get inspired, by what was next! I hope you like it and thank you for favoriting, commenting and liking! It makes me want to write more chapters!

So let me guys know if she should remember or forget.

Will he tell her or ryan and chaz, or will she remeber it by herself?

Maybe a third person saw it and tells her?

Maybe a whole new idea??

Let me guys know what you think!


Thank you!





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